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Using Summer Corporate Events to Boost Team Morale

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It’s summertime! That means that for your company, it’s a great time to plan corporate events that encourage employee engagement and boost team morale. Warmer weather and longer days provide great opportunities to host outdoor activities and fun team building drills. Summer corporate events provide organizations with great opportunities for demonstrating employee appreciation while building […]

The Importance of Celebrating and Recognizing 5-Year Employees

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Suburban Custom Awards has decades of experience crafting meaningful corporate awards. We understand how important and powerful employee recognition is and the benefits it can bring to your organization. Celebrating employees’ milestones is an essential part of a successful recognition program. It all starts with the 5-year mark. An employee’s five-year mark is a huge […]

Your Go-To Seasonal Guide to Employee Recognition Awards

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Employee recognition programs are exciting ways to express appreciation to those who help your company succeed. This expression is important for fueling workplace morale, increasing engagement, and improving productivity. However, it takes year-round efforts to pull off an exceptional awards program. It’s a lot more than just setting a date and ordering trophies. This seasonal […]

5 Good Reasons to Screen Eligibility in Awards Entries

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The point of having an awards program is to celebrate those who put forth outstanding efforts and contributions in your company. On your way to recognizing and celebrating excellence, you may acquire a large number of awards entries. All entries will not be accepted, of course. Each entry must be screened to give everyone a […]

4 Great Reasons to Display Custom Plaques in Your Office


You just got back from your corporate annual awards ceremony with your awards in hand. What now? Should you display them in your office or tuck them away in a drawer? There are some benefits to displaying your custom awards in your office space. In fact, the entire company often benefits from having customized plaques […]

Strategies for Building a Successful Awards Program

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Successful businesses realize the importance of recognition and awards programs. Recognizing individuals, teams, and departments who achieve outstanding results, make significant contributions to the company, or demonstrate outstanding leadership deserves to be recognized. Not only does it benefit the individuals and teams being awarded, but it also improves company-wide morale and productivity. Much thought and […]

Help with Wording on Retirement Awards

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Successful companies understand the importance of rewarding long-standing loyalty. If you are facing the retirement of a long-standing employee, you want to celebrate their time of service to you. Good work ethics definitely deserve to be recognized. A great way to recognize your valued employees is to present a personalized, thoughtfully worded award giving tribute […]

5 Great Opportunities to Present a Recognition Plaque or Award

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Business professionals are learning the importance of employee recognition. No matter what industry you are in whether it is healthcare, corporate, education, or manufacturing, recognizing your employees offers numerous benefits, including boosting your bottom dollar. Recognizing employees regularly helps reduce employee turnover rates and improves employee engagement, which directly affects productivity. A recognition plaque provides […]

The Power of Employee Recognition in Healthcare Settings

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For those who manage a workforce in healthcare settings, lives are always on the line. This leads to serious problems with employee burnout, frequent turnover, and serious shortages that can have broad ramifications. At Suburban Custom Awards, we understand the power of employee recognition programs, as well as the unique challenges healthcare HR professionals face […]

5 Facts to Consider to Ensure Effective Workplace Recognition

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The business landscape today is more competitive than ever. This puts the pressure on organizations to step up and prioritize employee recognition efforts. Recognition at work is essential when it comes to the satisfaction, performance, and retention of employees. The definition of recognition is simple in that it means acknowledging your employees’ achievements and efforts […]