Volunteer Recognition & Award Ideas

Stars Trumpet Trophy

For many organizations, volunteers are the backbone. You can make volunteer recognition special by being creative in ways that highlight their hardworking efforts. Recognizing them is important if you want to retain them and make new recruits. After all, these are people who selflessly give their time, energy and efforts to benefit others. Here are […]

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Tips for Planning an End-of Season Sports Award Banquet

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As the various sports seasons wind to a stop and school terms end, spring becomes the time of year for the sports award banquet. Whether you’ve never planned one before or done it annually for years, here are some tips to help. Sports award banquets are special events and it’s important to cover all the […]

Choosing Golf Trophies and Hosting a Tournament

As the weather warms more people are getting outdoors to enjoy sports and activities. This can be a good time of year to host a fundraiser. If you are a golf fan, you might consider hosting your own golf tournament. It could be just so participants have a lot of fun, or it can be […]

Unique Ideas for Company VIP Recognition Awards

It’s beneficial for any business to reward their top performers. Recognizing employee’s by giving awards is a great way to express how much you appreciate them. VIP recognition awards boost the confidence of the recipient and improve the workplace environment. At Suburban Custom Awards, we wanted to offer you a few unique VIP recognition awards […]

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Four Reasons Engraved Acrylic Plaques Make Great Corporate Awards

There are plenty of ways to award your company’s best achievers. Of course, it’s important to give them an award that can speak to them on a personal level. Engraved acrylic plaques are a popular option and for some very good reasons. Here are just four reasons to consider presenting engraved acrylic plaques as awards to […]

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End of Season Basketball Trophies

March is just around the corner and the big dance to the Sweet 16 will soon begin. It’s also time for the seasons for little league, intramurals, and other community teams to wind down. Winning teams will receive tournament trophies as they place in the top teams. Leagues often present awards for MVP and Most […]

How Recognition Awards Can Make a Difference in the Work Environment

Employee recognition awards can be a critical part of the work environment. In fact, they can make or break it. Weekly team meetings to annual award ceremonies can offer opportunities to recognize employees and team members for the hard work they put in to help the company succeed. Presenting these awards, no matter how frequently […]

Practical Suggestions for Wording and Phrasing on Awards

Suburban Custom Awards has been providing high-quality trophies, awards, and certificates of all types for over 40 years. When it comes to wording and phrasing on awards, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen customer messages that have made us laugh, cry, and smile. But we’ve seen a few that made us […]

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