6 Tips for Choosing Personalized Trophies and Awards

No matter why you are choosing personalized trophies or awards, it will take some consideration to get the right ones. You may be rewarding employees, honoring sales personnel, or rewarding athletes for a great season. There are a number of awards and trophies to choose from and it’s important that you make the best decision […]

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Tips for Choosing Trade Association Awards

For many industries, our customer base is comprised of businesses of all sizes, associations, corporations, public entities, and academic institutions. A trade association is designed to benefit the members and set standards for promoting the industry. Usually, a trade association consists of members, a Board of Directors ( or leadership committee), and a staff which […]

Modernizing Years of Service Awards

Traditionally, years of service awards have been thought to improve employee satisfaction and encourage engagement. Sadly, they often only recognize the tenure of an employee. Modernizing years of service awards will effectively celebrate how a person fits and belongs in the workplace culture, rather than just how long they’ve served the company. Modernizing the award […]

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Top Custom Employee Recognition Awards Ideas

There are many benefits to presenting hard-working individuals with custom employee recognition awards. Employees are appreciative and tend to work harder when they feel like their work is noticed as well as valued. This can be beneficial for company-wide motivation and morale. But sometimes, it’s difficult to determine what types of awards are appropriate for […]

Presenting Vendor and Dealer Awards and Plaques

Obviously, there is a big difference between a dealer and a vendor.  You understand better than anyone how your channel partners and supply chain are essential to your business being successful. You can build more solid relationships with your partners by recognizing them with awards. Vendor and dealer awards are a positive way to recognize […]

5 Ideas for Year-End Corporate Awards

As the year draws to a close it will soon be time to present your year-end corporate awards. January will be a busy month, as usual, so you want to end the year on a good note by recognizing this year’s accomplishments. There are lots of creative ways to recognize and award employees. Here are […]

Tips for Choosing a Custom Award Plaque

There are lots of reasons to honor a recipient with a custom award plaque. You may award them to top employees, group members, or club supports. They are often a great source of encouragement and motivation to other team members and help produce a positive culture. Plaques are a nice choice for recognizing a wide […]