Business Gift Giving Guide

No matter how close you and your coworkers or boss are, gift giving at the office can be awkward. Choosing gifts can be difficult since you want to avoid choosing items that are too personal. Business gift giving often means selecting gifts for coworkers or bosses you don’t know well. But it isn’t any easier […]

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Fall and Soccer Medals

Fall is soon to be evident with the temperatures cooling and leaves turning vibrant colors. But for many kids across the US, it means time for fall sports. Kids and parents are gearing up for practices, games, and tournaments for favorite sports and activities. Each bright-eyed child has his eye on the end of the […]

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Importance of Student Awards and Recognition

There has been some argument about academic recognition and whether student awards are beneficial. Some argue it is detrimental to those who do not receive an award. But research indicates recognition for effort and success improves motivation and encourages participation. Academic awards are often only distributed to those few students who achieve above-and-beyond. While this […]

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Five Considerations When Choosing a Sports Trophy

Looking for a Sports Trophy? Sports trophies are great for rewarding players and teams for their hard work, effort, and accomplishments. Choosing a custom sports trophy for deserving recipients doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five simple guidelines or things to consider when choosing a trophy for an individual, team, or event. The Age […]

Top 5 Service Award Gift Ideas

Most larger companies honor long-standing employees with rewards. Usually, these are presented at milestones such as 10, 15, 20 or more years of service. Presenting awards recognizes dedication and loyalty and can be beneficial for many reasons including building company morale. Recognition makes the recipient feel good about themselves. It also motivates other employees to continue […]

Six Tips for Choosing Awards, Trophies, and Plaques for Upcoming Corporate Events

Businesses and Companies hold conferences, award ceremonies and corporate events every year. It is common for business leaders to recognize outstanding achievements, accomplishments, or promotions with customized plaques or awards. There can be any number of reasons for the award from obtaining the highest sales to advancing a level or a company-specific accomplishment. The difficulty […]

Tips on Presenting Awards

Presenting awards can make you nervous, even if you do it often. Most of us don’t present them often enough to get comfortable behind the lectern. Remember first of all, that it’s not a life or death situation. Secondly, just a little bit of preparation and your self-confidence will improve. There are a few tips […]

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Most Common Types of Awards and Trophies and Why they are Important

Awards recognize achievements. They demonstrate appreciation for a person’s achievements and are given for a variety of reasons. Recognition for accomplishments can be important in any field and provide many benefits for individuals, teams, and companies too. Some of the common areas awards are given in include: Corporate Events Academic Institutions or Settings Sporting Events […]

The Many Benefits of a Perpetual Plaque

You’ve probably seen perpetual plaques in locations like universities, community centers, large corporations or your local grocery store. It is a large plaque with spaced out engravable plates. Often, they are filled out only partially awaiting the next recipient. Businesses use them to honor employees of the month, winners of competitions, or other outstanding accomplishments […]