Using Summer Corporate Events to Boost Team Morale

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It’s summertime! That means that for your company, it’s a great time to plan corporate events that encourage employee engagement and boost team morale. Warmer weather and longer days provide great opportunities to host outdoor activities and fun team building drills.

Summer corporate events provide organizations with great opportunities for demonstrating employee appreciation while building a stronger sense of camaraderie and teamwork. And it’s okay to think “outside” the box. (Pun intended!) A beach day, friendly competition, a night of bowling, or a sports tournament are all great ways to encourage employees to play together so that they work together better.

Foster Employee Engagement & Job Satisfaction

Statistics revealed by TeamStage indicate that building collaboration in the workplace can significantly impact job satisfaction and boost employee engagement. Some stats taken from one of their most recent reports include:

  • A fully engaged workforce can potentially generate double the revenue.
  • 75% of staff said collaboration and teamwork are both essential for corporate success.
  • 33% of employees agree that fostering a culture of collaboration helps increase loyalty.

The warmer seasons provide great opportunities for businesses to organize corporate events that have the potential to impact work culture and boost team performance across the board. Let’s talk a little bit about why summer is the perfect time to plan corporate events and how a business can make the most of them. We’ll also talk about how to leverage events to create an engaging, positive work environment.

Corporate Food Events

Cook-offs, picnics, and BBQs are great food-related events to plan for your business during the summer. Food is a great way to bring colleagues together and lets them have a fun, engaging time. One of the things about food events is that the sky is the limit. There are so many different types of food. You may choose to have a specific type of food catered, or have a potluck where everyone brings a type food from their culture.

Summer is also a great time for an ice cream or frozen yogurt event. If your workplace supports a healthier lifestyle, a simple pineapple or watermelon get together is great for cooling off. They are sweet treats for people who just want to chill outside and soak up some sunshine.

Corporate Game Events

If your primary objective is boosting employee morale, host a game event. There are lots of different types of games to choose from. Use board games, sports games, or electronic games to help your teams bond. Board games are usually a better choice since most people will be able to play and may already know how to play some of the most common games. Mini golf is also a great, fun choice since it’s not strenuous, allowing participants of any age to enjoy it.

Volunteering or Charity Events

Volunteering to work with a charity is a good way to bond and work together as a team for a bigger purpose. Check out opportunities to volunteer in your community. If you want to run a charity event from your company to raise money for a cause, that works well, too. Volunteering allows colleagues to feel more connected to one another and to the community.

Fair, Festival, or Concert Events

Coordinate your company’s schedule with local fairs, concerts, or festivals when planning corporate summer events. Buying bulk or group tickets can be relatively inexpensive. Provide your employees with company T-shirts for an extra marketing boost.

Other Corporate Summer Events

There are literally tons of other types of corporate events to plan for summertime. Some will depend on your location and the unique opportunities available. Consider events like hiking, beer garden or winery trips, or movie nights. The general interests among your employees can also provide some great ideas for events. If you have local sports teams, rent out a space at their facility during the game. Your employees connect, they can watch a great sports event, and you’ll support a local team. Just make sure all of the activities you plan are enjoyable and uplifting for participants.

Suburban Custom Awards and Corporate Summer Events

Plan now to include awards for your friendly competition or sports tournaments. Hosting a corporate summer event also provides an opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation for your employees by presenting awards while they are together. By hosting fun summer corporate events, your company can increase productivity, improve the corporate culture, and increase employee satisfaction and retention.