5 Good Reasons to Screen Eligibility in Awards Entries

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The point of having an awards program is to celebrate those who put forth outstanding efforts and contributions in your company. On your way to recognizing and celebrating excellence, you may acquire a large number of awards entries. All entries will not be accepted, of course.

Each entry must be screened to give everyone a chance. If you can streamline the submission and eligibility screening processes, you can save an enormous amount of time. Here are five reasons you want to screen awards entries for eligibility.

Reason 1: Guarantee Transparency and Determine Expectations

Screening entries for eligibility removes confusion about your awards program’s purpose. Qualifications should be clearly stated so potential entrants know what they should do to be considered for the award. Clarify eligibility criteria before the award season begins, so it’s clear who the awards program is aiming to recognize.

Potential entrants will know the requirements and what it takes to have a chance at an award. This provides them with transparency and an understanding of the purpose of the awards program and how they can qualify.

Reason 2: Save Time for Entrants

Clearly stated eligibility requirements for your corporate awards program help save time for your entrants. Entrants can check instantly to see if they meet basic requirements. This allows the efficient preparation of entry submissions. A streamlined process helps ensure award entries are completed properly.  Entrants can spend time on relevant submissions, which will have fewer mistakes or irrelevant information to sort through.

Reason 3: Ensure Fairness and Integrity for Awards Entries

Screening for eligibility helps create a fair path for each awards entry, rather than creating a barrier to participation. Clear eligibility standards ensure that participation and recognition are earned by those who continue to uphold the standard of excellence. This helps preserve the integrity of the entire award program process.

Employee recognition or other awards programs include specific goals when they are created and implemented. This includes ongoing encouragement to excellence or advancements within the company or industry. The prestige of an award is linked strongly to the quality of entrants and recipients. Screening awards entries ensures that entry is limited to those who align with the award’s quality and purpose.

Reasons 4: Create Good Experiences for Your Awards Program Judges

Screening for eligibility in awards entries can help provide a better experience for your judges. Submissions not meeting the basic requirements are removed, making the judge’s job much easier. Judges only have to sort through entries that are aligned with the award program’s objectives. Therefore, the judges have a workload that is already more manageable. They can devote their time and efforts to the highest quality submissions.

Reason 5: Streamline Your Workflow

Managing eligibility doesn’t have to be a burden. Using awards management software can provide you with all the benefits of screening awards entries, and it does all the heavy lifting. The software allows you to pre-set the criteria to automatically check for eligibility. This allows for more entries but reduces the hassle. Ineligible entrants are redirected gracefully and silently. Streamlining the process using software programs makes for a better experience for your judges and entrants, plus it helps protect the integrity of your awards program.

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