Strategies for Building a Successful Awards Program

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Successful businesses realize the importance of recognition and awards programs. Recognizing individuals, teams, and departments who achieve outstanding results, make significant contributions to the company, or demonstrate outstanding leadership deserves to be recognized. Not only does it benefit the individuals and teams being awarded, but it also improves company-wide morale and productivity. Much thought and effort need to go into building a successful awards program. It should also include recognizing employees at various levels across the company, including frontline staff, managers, and executive-level personnel.

Awards Need to match the Level of Achievement

Recognition awards need to match the significance of accomplishments. Minor achievements, like meeting targets or completing projects successfully, need smaller tokens and awards like personalized trophies, personalized name plates added to a perpetual plaque, lapel pins, or certificates. For longer-range, significant accomplishments such as implementing innovative ideas or exceeding a sales target, use personalized plaques or custom glass awards.

Additionally, make the award titles meaningful and reflective of the achievement being recognized. For example, you may choose award titles such as:

  • Top Sales Performer
  • Top Performer of the Year
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Outstanding Team Player
  • Innovation Champion

Recognition of Outstanding Achievers Should be Public

You may choose to present awards throughout the year and have a large-scale annual formal awards program, too. In some workplace cultures, awards may be presented privately in a specific department or office area while publicly celebrating the achievements through announcements. Corporate leaders will know the best means of delivery and what is most effective for their workforce and staff. Celebrating accomplishments publicly through announcements and celebrations helps to boost morale and inspire others to work hard for recognition in their area. In most settings, a mix of private and public recognition events can be effective and beneficial.

The Goals and Needs of a Company Determine Award Program Frequency

Monthly awards are helpful for encouraging continuous improvement and maintaining a consistent level of motivation. If you want to recognize longer-term accomplishments, incorporating quarterly awards into your awards program is beneficial. This allows you time to assess employee performance more thoroughly. Reserve your annual awards presentations to recognize your highest levels of achievement. These large-scale awards can be incorporated into large, company-wide events like holiday celebrations or annual conferences.

What It Takes to Plan and Budget for Awards Programs

Many factors influence the level of planning and the budget for an awards program. These two will fluctuate based on things like how many awards you plan on presenting, the types of awards you choose, personalization options, and the overall cost of the production and its implementation. The important thing is to allocate a reasonable budget so you can provide quality, significant awards. Of course, your choices and your budget will require consideration of the company’s financial capabilities. Asking for the input of your department heads, HR professionals, and managers can help you estimate the costs that need to be budgeted.

The Benefits of an Awards Program Far Outweigh Its Cost!

Companies can enjoy some long-term benefits associated with awards programs in the workplace. While these may vary from company to company, most businesses will enjoy increased employee motivation, productivity, morale, higher job satisfaction, improved retention rates, and enhanced company culture. When you recognize and celebrate employee achievements, it helps foster a positive work environment, strengthens employee loyalty, and encourages healthy competition. An awards program is also helpful for the employer as it can contribute to building your reputation as a choice employer, which attracts top talent and enhances your company’s image and brand.

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