Help with Wording on Retirement Awards

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Successful companies understand the importance of rewarding long-standing loyalty. If you are facing the retirement of a long-standing employee, you want to celebrate their time of service to you. Good work ethics definitely deserve to be recognized. A great way to recognize your valued employees is to present a personalized, thoughtfully worded award giving tribute to their positive contributions to your business. At Suburban Custom Awards, our goal is to help you spotlight hardworking people who have represented your values and brand well.

Each employee brings their own unique talents and skills to your team. Their diverse skill set helps improve your company. Presenting retirement awards to your soon-to-be retiree not only acknowledges their contributions and accomplishments it also communicates to other workers that you value personal devotion. You show employees that loyalty has its own reward.

How to Word Retirement Awards, Trophies, and Gifts

Retirees should receive awards from you or your company that speak to their valuable contributions. Remember that each person is a unique individual. Make a concerted effort to personalize each person’s award based on the time they spent on service and their individual contributions. Words really do matter. Use the award as a platform to show how they have consistently succeeded and shined in your company processes.

Celebrate Milestones

Here are a few award wording ideas that you can use or tweak to speak to the individual milestones they reached.

  • Celebrating Your 20 Years of Service
  • Looking Back on Your Many Contributions
  • Thank you for 25 Years of Dedication
  • Congratulations on Making it!
  • We Remember Your Loyalty
  • For Years of Outstanding Service

Use custom awards to acknowledge the way they have served your company with diligence and excellence. Their reward lets the retiree know that their individual efforts have mattered.

Personal Accolades for Retirees

Employees who have dedicated most of their waking hours to being the best version of themselves deserve a lot of recognition. Tell them they have value by highlighting what made them special to your company and mention their time off the job as well. Help them see that they continue to contribute to society, even after their working days with your company are done. Consider mentioning their unique personality traits, personal skills, and achievements when customizing awards. Here are just a few award titles that acknowledge what makes them such a special, unique individual.

  • After-Hour Endurance Runner
  • Winning Smile Award
  • Honorary Peacemaker
  • Our Number 1 Effervescent Employee
  • Top Hospitality Officer
  • Dedicated All-Nighter
  • Our #1 Born Leader
  • Nose-to-the-Grind Achiever
  • Efficiency King (or Queen)

Retiring employees will enjoy seeing accolades that celebrate their dedication in a unique way that showcases what makes them special. Our retirement awards are fully customizable and allow you to acknowledge the special efforts your hardworking employees have put into their jobs. Personalized high-quality awards help them see that their loyalty was not in vain.

Additional Retirement Award Ideas

What do you do if you really want to personalize a retirement award for an upcoming retiree but you are not sure how to make it personal? Just ask around. Their peers and colleagues can provide positive tidbits about the retirees that you may not know about. They may also be able to help give you some inspiration you need to select an award that suits them best. Not only will you be able to design a fully customized award for the upcoming retiree, but you will also show your other employees that you care and understand how they all work to make the team a huge success because of their diverse contributions.

When you acknowledge the contributions of your employees, you unify your work base. Both you and your employees are unique individuals capable of boosting work morale and making the workplace a pleasant, more enjoyable place. This all translates into a productive community of diligent workers. Suburban Custom Awards can help you create a beautiful award, trophy, or plaque that embodies what creative minds can accomplish when they work together and share mutual respect.

Retirement Awards and Gifts

There are numerous milestones that may be celebrated in the workplace. Birthdays, graduations, promotions, and other events are cause for celebration. Perhaps the biggest milestone of all is retirement. Today, more and more baby boomers are reaching retirement age, so it’s important to recognize retirees’ accomplishments with a high-quality gift that commemorates the special time in their lives. Each gift can be created to be as unique as the individual.

Retirement Gift Ideas

It doesn’t have to be difficult to come up with unique retirement gifts. Most people who retire are excited and have a plan to do all the things they haven’t had time to do while they were working. They will cherish a unique gift that is related to their personal interests and personality.

  • Experiences. Many retirees will not need a lot of “things.” What they will appreciate is an experience. Consider giving them tickets to a local concert or event. Think about a gift around something they would like to do, something they’ve wanted to do, like bungee jumping or sky diving. They will remember that their workplace gave them the experience that they would not have given themselves.
  • Travel. Retirees often want to hit the road traveling once they are retired. If this is the case, there are lots of appropriate gift ideas, including luggage, a gas card for a road trip, cash, or books on travel.
  • Hobby-Related. Gift choices can be tailored around the retiree’s hobbies. If they like to golf, consider a gift from their local golf course. Perhaps they like fishing, grab a gift card from Bass Pro or another fishing store nearby. A wine connoisseur will always appreciate a special bottle of wine from their favorite winery.
  • Lessons. A retiree who has specific interests can be easy to buy for. Think about lessons pertaining to their interests, whether that is yoga, a musical instrument, singing, or dancing.
  • Personalized gifts. Giving the retiree a personalized retirement gift is something they can cherish and reflect on all the years they spent at your company. Memorable gifts like crystal or art glass awards, clocks, or other rewards can be a special way to commemorate their retirement. Personalize it with their name, your company logo, and a thoughtful message. What a way to honor a retiree!

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help

At Suburban Custom Awards, we have a wide variety of awards that you can choose to personalize to honor a retiree. Whether you need help with wording or finding the perfect award, our years of experience can come in handy. Contact us today, and let us honor those who have put years of their lives toward the success of your company.