5 Great Opportunities to Present a Recognition Plaque or Award

recognition Plaque shaped like the number 1

Business professionals are learning the importance of employee recognition. No matter what industry you are in whether it is healthcare, corporate, education, or manufacturing, recognizing your employees offers numerous benefits, including boosting your bottom dollar. Recognizing employees regularly helps reduce employee turnover rates and improves employee engagement, which directly affects productivity. A recognition plaque provides a strong leader, great team member, or outstanding salesperson a constant reminder of the contributions they’ve made and communicates how important they are to the company. Recognition plaques are great ways to reward employees, but they can also be used to recognize your longest-running or biggest clients.

5 Opportunities to Give Custom Recognition Plaques

1.      Give a Client or an Employee a Recognition Plaque for an Anniversary

A custom recognition plaque is an excellent way to tell an employee or a client how valuable they are to you and your company. Recognizing your clients can be a great way to keep them on as a client. It helps cement your professional relationship and trust. Employees feel valued and accomplished. Consider giving them at token milestones such as 5-year and 10-year markers. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to make these types of milestones, so recognize these individuals or entities with a customized plaque.

2.      Recognize When Goals Are Met!

Part of running a successful company is setting and hitting specific goals. You can award those employees who help your company meet these goals by presenting them with a personalized recognition plaque. They can be used for any type of goal whether it is a sales goal, new client acquisition goal, or any other type of goal that benefits the company. Make sure the goals are clearly stated and then recognize those who meet them. This will encourage employees to reach new company goals in the future.

3.      Recognition Plaques for Winning Contests

It’s not unusual for companies to hold internal contests, though they are shaped by their industries. One such contest may be to see which employee can get the most sales in a year. Well-designed contests can encourage healthy competition, help raise company morale, and bring life into your workforce. Provide custom plaques for the winners of company contests, so employees can proudly hang them on display in their offices.

4.      Reward Employees for Going Above and Beyond

Every company has at least a few employees who thrive on going above and beyond what is expected of them. Maybe they take on extra work, help a customer beyond the scope of their job duty, or excel in some other way by sheer determination. A recognition plaque is always a nice way to recognize your hardest workers.

5.      Employee of the Month or Year

One way to encourage employees to continue working hard and giving their best efforts is to implement an employee of the month program. Having an employee of the month or year program in place helps improve morale across the board. But it also helps reinforce the values you want to see in your company. Part of designing the program involves choosing the types of awards you want to give to your hardest-working, high-achieving employees. Recognition plaques give them bragging rights as well as a reward they can proudly display.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You Recognize Your Valuable Employees and Clients

There are many opportunities and occasions to present your employees, other companies, and clients with custom recognition plaques. Everyone enjoys receiving awards and recognition. A high-quality, personalized plaque helps strengthen relationships with employees and clients and helps generate the resolve to continue doing good business and great work. Contact us today, and let us help you choose and design a recognition plaque.