5 Creative Ways Charities Can Use Awards

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Non-profits face a lot of challenges. The most pressing challenge is encouraging people in their community to engage with you and help support your cause. Rewards can be an exceptional way to help keep people in your group, your employees, and those in your community focused on your organization’s goals. For those participating, awards can make it more fun, engaging, and memorable. Here are five great award ideas for charities to use to help encourage community involvement and secure more donations.

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5 Award Ideas for Charities

Perpetual Awards for Top-Performing Members

Perpetual awards are a great way to continue recognizing top-performing members publicly. One way to look at it is like a leaderboard. It’s kind of like an employee of the month recognition display. Perpetual plaques are displayed publicly so that ongoing achievements can be enjoyed. Each month, quarter, or year, an individual plate is engraved with the latest recipient’s name and achievement. Then it is added to the plaque.

Use Awards as Incentives for Fundraising Events

Trophies make great incentives for encouraging donations and participation, whether you are hosting fundraising events virtually or in person. To ensure everyone feels like they have a chance to win, offer multiple awards for different tiers of involvement. Reserve special awards for your top performers. Consider providing participatory t-shirts or some type of giveaway items for everyone involved.

Use Awards for Community Competitions and Outreach

Running a charitable event doesn’t exclude having a little competition. Don’t be afraid to include friendly competition, such as a scavenger hunt. Community members can pay to participate. They can find well-hidden awards that they can take home. You don’t even need to gather in person, yet it’s still a great way to raise awareness about your cause.

Recognize Star Community Members with Trophies

Sometimes, charities find a person in their group that consistently goes above and beyond all expectations. They overdeliver and contribute in significant ways. A customized award, such as an engraved trophy, is a great way to show your appreciation for all they do. Not only does it communicate how much you appreciate their efforts, but it also tells everyone watching that you recognize those who go above and beyond. Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Award Businesses that Contribute Consistently to Your Cause

In some instances, it’s not an individual employee or community member who engages with a cause. Often, it is a business or entire organization that participates by donating and engaging with your charitable events. You can show a business or company how much you value their participation by awarding them to recognize their efforts. When they display trophies or awards prominently, it can help spread community awareness of your cause. Consider using tiered participation levels like bronze, silver, and gold to create goals for businesses to work toward.

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