Cheerleading Award Ideas

Why cheerleading awards? Just imagine a high school, college, or even professional soccer, football, or basketball game without the energy of its cheerleaders. They have some killer moves and tons of contagious enthusiasm they share with the crowd. While cheering their team on to victory, the squad pulls the crowd into the game, transforming the atmosphere. Presenting cheerleading awards serves as a token of appreciation and encourages them to keep their energy levels up.

Hosting an end-of-year banquet provides a great opportunity to recognize your squad for their efforts. Presenting a cheerleading award to individual squad members recognizes their hard work and accomplishments throughout the season. Leaders and sponsors have a variety of options, including cheer trophies, plaques, and certificates.

Individual Cheerleader Award Ideas

The categories for presenting awards to cheerleaders are not too different from other sports award categories. Individual awards are a great way to acknowledge the efforts made by a specific squad member. Here are a few ideas for individual participants.

  • Most Improved Cheerleader
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Showmanship Award
  • Best Worth Ethic
  • Outstanding Personality
  • Most Dedicated/Devoted
  • Spirit Award (Most Enthusiastic or Energetic)
  • Most Athletic
  • Friendliest Cheerleader
  • Most Encouraging
  • Courage Award
  • Best Attitude

Using these categories can help ensure every squad member is recognized for their hard work all season long. But there are other cheerleading awards that can be given for the more physical or athletic aspects of cheerleading, including:

  • Best at Handstands
  • Most Flexible
  • Best Jumps
  • Best Splits
  • Best Cartwheels
  • Best Spotter
  • Best Overall Technique
  • Best Base
  • Best Flyer
  • Loudest

Don’t be afraid to be creative and come up with ideas that are unique to your team. Use awards to recognize strengths that are not always as visible.

Types of Cheerleading Awards

Once you have determined the categories, you’ll need to choose the types of awards. Cheerleader trophies are always a great option. Plaques and certificates are also good choices. There are many choices when you start looking at trophy and award choices. Don’t overlook small but meaningful awards like lapel pins or cheerleading medals for your star team members.

Personalized Awards for Cheerleaders

Make each cheerleading award special for the recipient by personalizing them. Trophies and awards include engraving, so it’s easy to customize and personalize each award with the recipient’s name, the team’s name, and the reason for the award. Some awards have enough room for a team mantra too.

Award Cheerleading Team Member’s Dedication and Hard Work

Just about everyone understands how much work and dedication goes into cheerleading. They work hard at the skills they need to succeed. There are hours and hours of practice to ensure the team works together in unison. Say farewell to a successful season with an award ceremony that honors the team and says goodbye to its senior members.

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