Tips for Planning an End-of-Year Award Program

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As the end of the year approaches, everyone and everything seems to get busier. Businesses start their end-of-year reports, and they begin to discuss ways to honor their brightest and best employees. There will be a lot of discussion among employers, managers, and supervisors about employees and team members who have gone above and beyond. They’ll likely use words like dedication, perseverance, or innovation. Before getting started on a new year, turn your focus to planning an end-of-year awards event to recognize those who have supported the success of your company all year long.

Various industries and companies may plan an end-of-year award program at different times. Some like to combine holiday celebrations with their awards ceremonies. Others like to wait until after the first of the year to allow time for all the company data to be calculated. Then, they can recognize their employees’ achievements from the previous year. No matter when you want to have your end-of-year award program, here are a few tips.

Choose Your End-of-Year Awards Early

Set a deadline for ordering your awards. You’ll want to have all of them planned, along with the personalized congratulations engraved on them. You will need to allow plenty of room for production. Different trophies and awards can take longer depending on the style, engraving, and quantity you are ordering. Allow at least six weeks for them to be designed, produced, and personalized. Knowing what you want early on will help ensure you get them ordered in plenty of time for your event.

How to Choose Awards for Your End-of-Year-Event

What is the Recognition For?

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the best trophies for end-of-year awards. The first thing to consider when choosing a trophy is to ask yourself what the recipient is being recognized for. Did they make the most sales? Maybe they went above and beyond what was expected and impacted the company in a positive way. Knowing why the award is being presented can help you determine what type of trophy or award to purchase.

Who is Being Recognized at Your End-of-Year Awards Event?

Knowing the person who is being recognized can help you choose an appropriate trophy too. For example, if you are recognizing an entire group, you may want to give each recipient a smaller trophy. If you are highlighting a key company employee, a larger crystal award may be the best option.

What is the Atmosphere at the Award Event?

Are you planning a fancy award ceremony that includes all the bells and whistles? You’ll want to choose awards that are appropriate for the event. Choose an appropriate trophy or award if you are hosting a low-key event. More prestigious awards are reserved for more prestigious events.

What is Your Budget?

You’ll want to determine a budget and stay within it. How much you can spend will be a factor when choosing trophies and awards. There are numerous trophy selections to ensure every event planner can find the types and styles at prices they can afford.

Create Excitement About the Event

As soon as you have chosen a date and firmed up the details, send out a save-the-date email. You want to start creating excitement about the awards and other event details. It’s a good idea to send out formal invitations and ask for an RSVP to help plan food and favors or door prizes for the event.  You may want to stock up on promotional prizes to give to attendees too.

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