5 Reasons to Use Custom Awards to Reward Employees

If you have an employee reward program in place, there are a lot of choices surrounding the types of awards you should use. Of course, you want it to be memorable, or your reward program will not get you the results you desire. Custom awards are a great choice because they are uniquely made for your employees. Here are five reasons you will want to use custom awards to reward your employees.


Reason #1: Custom Awards Inspire Team Spirit and Unity

An award program is a special occasion for the workplace. A custom award that is directly created for your team or for individuals means a lot more than a traditional award. Creating personalized trophies or plaques to recognize the hard work and achievements of a team or individual, it will help instill a sense of camaraderie.

Reason #2: Custom Awards are Tangible Proof of Accomplishments

It feels good to be told, “good job!” But giving an award goes a lot further and provides tangible proof of what an individual or team achieved. Having something to touch and gaze at is like multiplying a compliment many times over. Each time an employee looks at the custom award on their desk or shelf, they can relive their achievements. They will feel appreciated and valued. This positive input may motivate them to keep on giving it their very best.

Reason #3: Custom Awards Help Recognize Individual Strengths

Whether an employee works alone on a project and has great success, or they work with a team to accomplish their goals, recognizing individuals who work diligently is important. While Employee of the Month awards has proven to provide great benefits in the workplace, a custom award recognizing specific traits carries an even bigger punch. A few ideas for customizing workplace awards include:

  • Most Helpful Employee
  • Best Customer Service Advisor
  • Most Encouraging

These types of individual awards tend to stick with an employee and help boost their self-confidence. Confident employees will make better workers which brings you much success as well.

Reason #4: Custom Awards Help Fuel Connections

When you hire new employees, it doesn’t take long for them to start modeling the behaviors of their senior staff. They will build connections with those they work with and with those who lead in the company culture. A proactive employee recognition program means continuing to show appreciation for jobs well done from the newest employee to the tenured ones. Custom awards help create an intrinsic culture of hard work and appreciation, which lead to a unified, connected workforce.

Reason #5: Custom Awards Demonstrate You Value Hard Work

If someone asks you who your best employee is, does a particular name come to mind? Do they know that you think that way? Staff doesn’t always know they are doing what you expect if you don’t tell them. A quick pat on the back is a good start, but custom awards will let the whole team know how much you value hard work.  When you present awards to employees, they will take notice. Other team members will know who to go to for inspiration and guidance. You may begin to see their attributes spreading among other workers. Be sure to recognize various forms of hard work. Of course, you want to award your sales team, but don’t forget your social media marketers, content creators, or skilled programmers, so everyone feels appreciated.

Custom Awards for Employees from Suburban Custom Awards

Let us put our years of experience and expertise to work for your team! Whether you have a general idea of what you need or don’t have a clue, we can help you create the ideal custom awards to recognize those who stand out in your workforce. Contact us today and let us help you create a culture of respect and appreciation.