7 Reasons Perpetual Plaques are Popular

12 plate walnut perpetual plaque

Companies of all sizes look for ways to reward employees. A well-organized, effective employee recognition program provides numerous benefits for both employees and employers. But sometimes you want to celebrate them as a whole. Perpetual plaques are a great option in these instances. They are a popular choice when a company desires to recognize several employees either once a month, or throughout the year. A perpetual plaque is designed nicely for honoring “Employee of the Month” or recognizing exemplary service whenever employees deserve it.

Top Reasons to Incorporate Perpetual Plaques into Your Reward Program

1. Perpetual Plaques are a Great Value

Purchasing individual plaques, trophies, and awards for employees can be quite a chore. While these are important for yearly awards programs, they can get costly if you try to do them all year long. When you choose a perpetual plaque, employees share a space on the same professional-looking plaque. You can save money all year long by just adding a name each month. Perpetual plaques save your company space and money. You also have the option of hanging the plaque in a central location so everyone can see it.

2. Continual Recognition

A perpetual plaque allows you to continue recognizing employees even after it has been filled. As long as it remains on the workplace wall, each employee listed on the plaque continues to be recognized. Year after year, the employees who have contributed to your company will be recognized.

3. Perpetual Plaques are Stylish and Attractive

Plaques come in a variety of wood, colors, shapes, and styles. Choose one with a simple design, or go for an elegant design. You can continue to keep the same design year after year, or you can change it up with a unique look for each award period.

4. Easily Customized

Perpetual plaques allow for a lot of choices since you can easily customize them. You can include a picture, your brand or logo, and engraving. Plaques fit your style and preferences. You get to design it so you will be proud to display it on the wall at your business. Remember that they come in a variety of sizes and styles, and you get to choose how many nameplates you want them to have.

Perpetual Plaque

5. Recognize Employees

You can use them as a focal or center point in your company’s cafeteria, lobby, or other major common areas. They play a huge role in any employee recognition program, and it allows you to publicly honor and recognize the hard work and dedication of your employees.

6. High-Quality Product

A perpetual plaque stands the test of time because of its sturdy construction. Additionally, the evenly applied finish maintains a blemish-free appearance. Your company will be able to enjoy it for years. Its sturdiness and professional quality demonstrate your company’s dedication to quality and high standards of professionalism. You’ll be proud to display it for all to see.

7. Perpetual Plaques Honor Team Efforts

If you want to put continual efforts into team achievements, perpetual plaques offer an exceptional approach. They serve as a memento for all your staff members and remind them of the value of teamwork. Recognition helps develop more dedication and devotion to your firm.

Get Your Perpetual Plaque from Suburban Custom Awards

You’ll find several styles of perpetual plaques at Suburban Custom Awards. They are key for recognizing employees individually and collectively. It’s a great way to give accolades and appreciation to everyone at the same time and helps you maintain uniformity in the workplace. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect perpetual plaque for your rewards program.