4 Great Benefits of Sports Trophies and Awards

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As the pandemic eases to a close, we are inching back toward something that looks more like “normal.” That includes competitive sports. There are lots of different sports including football, cricket, tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, basketball, and tons of other team and individual sports. Most of them offer sports trophies and awards. The winning team or individual expects to get a personalized trophy as a reward for all their hard work. There have been many arguments over the years as to whether or not sports trophies should be limited to just the winning team or person. Recognizing great performances and the spirit of the sport for individuals and teams provides a lot of encouragement. Let’s take a quick look at four benefits of awarding a variety of sports trophies and awards.

4 Ways Sports Trophies and Awards Help the Team

1. Encouragement for all Athletes

Obviously, one of the main benefits of sports trophies is motivation. Knowing they will receive an award encourages athletes to work hard to win. Winning makes them feel good and recognized. It feels great to win a trophy, just like when you get awarded for your hard work on the job. Knowing you will earn something as a result of your hard work and determination increases your motivation to succeed.  It encourages athletes to believe in their own abilities. Even participation trophies help build confidence in future athletes.

2. Provide Positive Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of job training and sports. When a person receives a lot of negative feedback, they become discouraged. These feelings negatively affect their work performance and the workplace environment. It’s the same with athletes. Feedback needs to be balanced between negative and positive. Sports trophies and awards create a source of positive feedback. They inform athletes that their efforts were noticed and appreciated. Coaches who use specific awards can describe their expectations more effectively. The result is that athletes know how to ask for proper feedback as they progress toward their goals of winning an award.

3. Sports Trophies and Awards Promote Diligence

Athletes keep up with demanding sports schedules. Knowing there are sports trophies and awards on the line, encourages them in their commitment. It can also motivate individual athletes to work better with their teams. Trophies encourage athletes to set goals and work toward them. Achieving goals is a great skill-building activity. Athletes who see the end goal clearly, understand more clearly the objective they work toward.

4. Celebrate Diversity

Being the fastest or strongest aren’t the only skills that contribute to a team’s success. Coaches can use a variety of sports trophies and awards to highlight other important skills for athletes. Some of these include:

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Most Improved Player
  • Best Motivator
  • Team Spirit
  • Best Attendance

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