Top 4 HR Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Curve in 2022

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It seems like 2022 is starting out on the same roller coaster we’ve been riding for the last couple of years. There are still lots of ups and downs and the pandemic continues. People continue quitting jobs to find more fitting workplaces based on their needs, values, and wants. While some of the numbers are troubling, it also presents a great opportunity for organizations that adapt and change. Of course, adapting and transforming requires work. Guess who this extra work falls on, most of it will be left up to HR leaders. Lets look at what helps shape the latest HR trends.

The job market has made the shift to a more candidate-driven atmosphere. As the workplace changes, how are employees’ needs and wants going to balance out with the organizational goals of your business? Management, talent acquisition, and employee retention are more important than ever. Let’s take a look at four HR trends for 2022 and some strategies to help you adjust and succeed.

1. Employee Retention: An Employer’s Investment

Topping the HR priorities of 2022 is employee retention. Even though great benefits and competitive salaries are important, they are not always enough to keep the best talent. Employees want meaningful work. They need to feel like they are making progress. They also want to be recognized for progress. Connection, growth, and purpose are critical for employee retention.

Key Strategies for Employee Retention

  • Demonstrate how employees’ work connects to long-term career goals.
  • Retain your company’s vison, mission, and values at the forefront.
  • Invest in your employees’ professional growth and personal skills.
  • Leverage employee recognition and appreciation programs.

2. Talent Acquisition: Demonstrate How Your Company Rocks

Remote work has changed the face of today’s businesses. It’s also made it more of a challenge for businesses to attract top performers. As the market goes global, the competition to attract the best talent heats up. Some businesses have increased their compensation packages. But you can honestly only offer so much in perks and money. The good news is that people are considering more than just a competitive salary. Here are a few ways to stand out in recruitment.

Employee Connection Strategies

  • Optimize the onboarding process.
  • Optimize your hiring process.
  • Boost employee referrals.
  • Showcase your company’s unique culture.

3. Employee Belonging: Create Connections

Social distancing has changed the workplace. Pre-pandemic it was easy to strike up a conversation with colleagues in the elevator or the breakroom. Connecting is more difficult today. Connecting may be more difficult, but it is possible. Here are a few strategies to help connect employees.

Strategies to Connect Employees

  • Create hybrid online and hybrid events.
  • Design formal employee recognition and appreciation programs.
  • Leverage technology to facilitate remote communication and collaboration.
  • Enhance your leadership and manager training programs.
  • Expand employee learning and development opportunities.

4. DEI – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Be Committed

Even though 2021 was tough on everyone, marginalized people had it even harder. More women lost their jobs than men. Black and Latino workers had a much slower employment recovery rate than white workers. This calls for employers to strengthen their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here are some strategies to help make your workers feel supported and safe.

DEI Strategies and HR Trends

  • Include DEI in your business strategy.
  • Listen to your employees and act on making DEI changes.
  • Empower your HR team to deal with these types of issues.
  • Hold leadership accountable.

Prioritize Recognizing Your People and the Latest HR Trends

There is no way of knowing what lies ahead in 2022, but we’ve faced tougher times. Now is a great time to be proactive with employee recognition and development. You can build an organization that allows your employees the opportunity to grow and flourish. Investing in your people builds a resilient organization that can succeed in 2022.

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