5 Keys to Creating a Culture of Recognition in the Workplace


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Many organizations and companies have a great culture. But even when there is a stellar environment, some companies have challenges when it comes to recognition. It can be difficult to develop effective recognition programs for individual employees and teams. There isn’t one cookie-cutter program that works for every single company, but there are a few elements that are part of any meaningful recognition program.

Five Keys to Building an Effective Employee Recognition Program

Key 1: Be Relevant and Specific

A recognition program that is connected to a specific business objective or accomplishment is more meaningful. When you recognize employees, make sure to explain why they are being recognized. This helps encourage continued strong performances across the board.

Key 2: Make Sure It’s Timely

When workplace recognition arrives months after the fact, it is not as meaningful as prompt recognition. The longer managers wait to recognize employees, the less meaningful. Waiting too long lessens the effect and it’s not as powerful of a positive affirmation. Making employee recognition a priority and having a plan in place lets you award key employees quickly and in a timely manner.

Key 3: Be Creative with Recognition

Money is usually a great incentive. However, research indicates that a lot of other things motivate people too. It’s worth noting that everyone has unique preferences and styles when it comes to receiving or giving appreciation. Think beyond bonuses and raises and consider taking employees out for a nice meal or give them customized gifts. Don’t be afraid to personalize them.

Key 4: Little Things Can Have a Big Impact

Of course, recognizing major accomplishments is crucial. Just don’t overlook the power of the simple everyday thank you to motivate your employees. You may choose to leave handwritten notes, apps, or your intranet to recognize and promote great actions by individuals. Also, note that every thank you or shout-out doesn’t have to come from a manager. Peer recognition is often more motivating than when it comes through leadership.

Key 5: Remember the Bigger Picture in Your Recognition Program

Demonstrating recognition helps employees feel that their contributions to the success of the company or team are valued. This is a key component especially when a company grows or changes. It also helps employees have a sense of security. Employees who feel they offer value to the company or organization, are motivated to continue doing great work.

An Ongoing Recognition Program and Company Culture

Each organization’s recognition program may take on a different look. Make sure your program is relevant to your employees and helps encourage your company culture. When employees feel valued, they will be more motivated and employee retention will increase.

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