Tips for Designing and Implementing an Employee of the Month Awards Program

Employee Recognition Program

Finally, things are returning to something like normal and many are returning to traditional workspaces. It’s the perfect time to revisit your employee recognition program and develop new ideas. Implementing an employee of the month award program is a great way to improve employee morale as everyone continues to adjust to a new normal. It’s important to set reasonable goals, establish parameters, and communicate the program effectively. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Setting Goals for Employee of the Month Awards

Create a team comprised of management and employees. Peer-to-peer input is valuable when setting up any kind of workplace awards program. The team should decide and establish the end goals of the program. The goal may to improve customer satisfaction, generate new leads, increase sales, or raise productivity. A successful employee reward program can help with any and all of these while boosting morale and influencing your ROI.

Create Program Parameters

Developing a fair awards program for employees means the bar will be set high, but not too high. Make sure to focus on what employees must do to earn the award and communicate that clearly. To be fair, the program should ensure that all employees have the same opportunity to achieve the award. Decide how a winner will be chosen each month. The team should establish a format for measuring performance. This will include:

  • Mutually agreeing how performance will be measured.
  • Determine a reasonable target while balancing the requirements for improved performance – while keeping a level playing field for employees.
  • Develop rules and measures that are easy to understand, produce, and verify.
  • Allow for some flexibility and the possibility of needed changes as you move forward.

Goals need to be specific and measurable. Criteria should incorporate more than “have a positive attitude” or “team spirit.” Think about all the factors. For instance, if you want to boost productivity, set performance goals such as increased output or volume of sales.

Clearly Communicate the Employee Awards Program

To motivate employees, make sure the employee of the month award program shows no favoritism. Communicate all the aspects of the program to employees. To make sure they understand the program and its design, issue the first draft to employees and ask for feedback. Once the program is established, make sure every employee has a copy and understands the parameters and goals for winning the award. Each month, when winners are announced, be specific with the reasons they won. This way, co-workers know the work put into winning the monthly award.

Choose Meaningful Awards and Prizes

Perpetual Plaque

Preplan your monthly awards, to stay prepared as new months approach. Consider public, workplace recognition such as a trophy, or plaque. You may want to display a perpetual plaque openly and add each new winner to the plaque. You may want to include personal awards such as a gift card, framed artwork, or a cash award. Some businesses offer an employee-of-the-month parking space. Create a meaningful award or prize that will motivate employees and spark a bit of healthy competition.

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