The Art of Choosing Sports Trophies

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As we move further into 2021 and put the pandemic behind us, sports teams and leagues are winding back up. Kids are ready to play, and coaches are ready to coach. As sports arenas and fields adjust to new social distancing guidelines, it’s exciting to know things look a little more like normal. Eagerly, everyone is gravitating back to gyms and sports venues and now it’s time to choose sports trophies.

The process sounds easy but can quickly become complicated if you’re not sure where to start. Obviously, you want to choose the best trophy for all the participants. You may want to go with standard trophies that can be adapted to any sport or activity. Perhaps you would rather choose a specific sport-related trophy. The end goal is of course rewarding hard work, teamwork, and excellence on the court and the field. Here are some tips for choosing the best sports trophies.

Consider the Sport

First off, you want to think about the sport. Each sport has its own significance and meaning and this should be reflected in the trophy. To keep the process simple, you may just want to go with a sport-specific trophy. For example, at Suburban Custom Awards, you will find a wide range of specific sport-themed trophies and awards.

Consider the sport first off, and then think about how many players or teams will be participating. If you are hosting a tournament, do you want to give every team or athlete a participant trophy? Will you just award the top three teams or athletes? These are questions to help you with your sports trophy selection.

Consider the Type of Sports Event

Trophies are all different, there are various designs, styles, colors, and materials to choose from. The award should match the event. For instance, you wouldn’t choose a large trophy cup for the winner of a 100-yard dash at a school competition. You also don’t want to hand a team a single medal. However, you may want to give the team a large trophy cup for placing in the top three and present each athlete with their own wearable medal.

Football Bobblehead sports trophy

The Age of the Participants

When choosing sports trophies, think about the age of the participants. A trophy should match the age of the athletes. Colorful, comical trophies with interesting designs are appropriate for children. For adult athletes and events, you will want to choose a custom trophy that is contemporary and fitting.

Size of the Trophy

When celebrating a sports event, the size of the trophy does matter. Generally, the bigger the sense of accomplishment, the bigger the trophy cup. However, take into consideration the ages of the participants and the type of event. Make sure the trophy’s size represents the achievement of the team or person.

Watch for Quality

You can’t look at trophies without considering their quality. At Suburban Custom Awards, you’ll find the highest quality sports trophies available. The sports trophy signifies how important the event was, so don’t compromise on quality or looks.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You!

We are as excited as you are about sports opening back up across the US! Let us help you choose and personalize sports trophies for your upcoming events. If you are unsure about choosing an appropriate trophy or need help with wording, give us a call. We want to help make your sports event memorable.