Three Creative Ways to Display Trophies

Round Paperweight Award

There are a lot of different types of workplace awards from paperweights to desk sets to crystal trophies. If you received a paperweight as an award, it easily fits on your desk. But what if you were rewarded with more traditional trophies? You may not have a desk large enough to display trophies.

Do you need ideas for ways to display your trophies? You may have already thought about adding a shelf or two to hold them. Perhaps you’ve thought about buying a special cabinet where you can store medals and trophies. Maybe your taste is a little fancier and you’ve considered a bookcase.

These are all great ways to showcase and display trophies. There are a few other creative ways for you to put the results of your hard-earned work on display for all to see. Let’s look at three of the top ways to display trophies.

Creative Ways to Display Trophies and Rewards

floating diamond acrylic award

It’s highly likely for you to receive a few trophies or medals over your lifetime. They will certainly have sentimental value for you, and that will increase over time. Rewards also represent your life’s work and personal successes along the way. It’s natural to desire to put them on display.

Sentimental trophies should be placed in an area where you can see and enjoy them. This lets you reflect on them often. Work rewards may need to be more visible so customers or clients can see them while they are talking to you. Here are a few ideas on ways to display trophies tastefully and practically.

Display Trophies in a Shadow Box

If you’d like a creative way to display trophies, a shadow box may be the best way to go. They act as a floating shelf. Combine a few of them and arrange them decoratively on the wall. They make a floating bookcase when placed together. Why choose a shadow box? It creates a protective environment for trophies. Since they are hung on the wall, it is unlikely trophies will accidentally get knocked over.

Create an Alcove

Cutting into a wall gives you space to create a recessed shelf between wall studs. This cavity is perfect to fill with shelving to house your trophies. The recessed alcove lets you display trophies without using up floor space in the room.

Make Room for Medals

If you want to display sport trophies, these ideas work well. However, if you participate in sports, you may have more medals than trophies. Add hooks or a rod to the bottom of a typical shelf. This gives you a great place to hang your medals. You can display both trophies and medals in the same place. You may also want to check out our medal display cases.

Need a Trophy or Medal for your Next Event?

Contact Suburban Custom Awards to order trophies or medals for your events. Let our expertise and experience work for you. We can help you choose the perfect reward for the situation, whether it’s a sporting event or a corporate award. We also have plenty of ideas for virtual workplaces and events.