What is Pickleball and Why Is it So Popular?

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We have learned how to continue doing the things we love safely during the pandemic. Sports centers and gyms have adapted safety measures to ensure everyone can continue working out in a safe environment. That’s good news for pickleball lovers. As the weather warms up, this game can be played outdoors. But until then, you’ll see plenty of tournaments held inside gymnasiums everywhere. Maybe you saw an ad for a Pickleball tournament complete with awards and trophies for the winning teams and you wondered why all the fuss? Let’s take a look at this game and what makes it so much fun.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is an exciting combination of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. It’s easy to learn this fast-paced game, but more challenging to master. The game originated in 1965 when a few families gathered to play for fun and made many different rules to make the new game interesting. It can have two to four players. The game kind of caught on and has quickly become a classic across the US.

Pickleball Basics

The setup of the court for pickleball is similar to other games. It has a rectangular layout with two sections on each side and a net in the middle. The net has a dead zone around it. The two teams play from either side of the net, sending the ball back and forth until one team scores. It’s a quick back-and-forth game.

With pickleball being one of the fasted growing sports in the US, you may wonder why it has gotten so popular so fast. Some of the reasons include:

  • Fun and unique rules
  • It’s safe – played with a whiffle ball
  • All ages can participate
  • It’s a very socially engaging sport
  • Easy to learn
  • Super affordable to get started

Pickleball Tournaments

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Like most games with a solid set of rules, tournaments are going to occur. The spirit of competition has survived the pandemic! Leagues have begun springing up in communities from coast to coast. Many organizations host pickleball tournaments where teams compete for customized trophies. Even though tournaments are commonplace, the game has grown in popularity at community centers and gyms both across the US and in other countries.

It’s easy to find a group playing pickleball near you whether you want to compete in a league or in a tournament. If you want to find a group, the USAPA website features a play finder so you can track the game down whenever you want.

Great Games and Great Awards

If you are looking for a fun and competitive game, you may find exactly what you want in pickleball. It is a lot of fun to play, but it’s also very social. If you are hosting a pickleball tournament or organizing a league, let Suburban Custom Awards help you cover the trophies and awards. Contact us today and let our 50+ years of experience and expertise work for you!