Types of Employee Awards that Inspire Excellence

Cathedral Crystal Award
Cathedral Crystal Award

Employees who achieve milestones or do great work deserve the utmost respect and appreciation. Giving out employee awards is an excellent way to extend your appreciation and respect for what they have accomplished. There are a lot of different types of awards. How do you know what type of award is the best way to honor them?

You’ve attracted the top talent in your industry by offering lucrative salaries and benefits packages. Most employees work hard, come to work on time, and are disciplined and motivated. But when their hard work and dedication go unnoticed or unrecognized, they can become disengaged. Employee awards can ensure employees stay motivated and engaged. Let’s take a look at some of the great ways to recognize and award your top-performing employees.

3 Types of Employee Awards

Performance Awards

Employee performance awards are primarily based on their efficiency in the workplace. Most employee recognition awards are presented based on overall performance. Acknowledging employees for their efforts raises the bar for others to achieve. This promotes healthy workplace competition. Recognizing employees based on performance is a fair way to recognize their efforts. It also helps motivate others to give their best.

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Examples of employee awards include:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Extra Mile Award
  • Most Improved
  • Best Customer Care

Behavior and Value Employee Awards

Performance is not the only way to measure employees. Work ethics are also an important aspect to keep track of. Special recognition is due to employees who are highly productive, punctual, and diligent. This type of professionalism displayed by an employee is good for the business.

Examples of behavior-based employee awards include:

  • Outstanding Team Player
  • The Brainiac
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Social Contributor
  • Trendsetter

Service Awards

Finding individuals who are both hardworking and loyal can be difficult. Tenure or service awards are reserved for the most dedicated employees. They honor employees who continue with the company year after year. It demonstrates the company’s appreciation for the employee who remains dedicated for years of service. Employee service awards can be customized and created based on the specific number of years the employee has stayed.

Here are some examples of tenure or service awards:

  • One Year Work Anniversary
  • 5-year Marathon Award
  • Forever with Us (Reserved for those who have been with the company over 10 years)

Service awards can be based on increments and presented every five or ten years of service. They are unique to your company culture and adaptable. Of course, you can create your own titles based on your company’s culture and industry type.

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