4 Outstanding Ways to Honor Retirees As We Transition into 2021

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Because of the pandemic, much of today’s workforce are taking early retirement. These workers have often spent years with the company and made significant contributions. They may have offered strong advice or mentoring for younger workers around the watercooler or in the breakroom. The older workforce has spent hours in meetings and contributed to company decisions and forward progress. Recently, due to COVID-19, are seeing higher retirement volumes than they have in years gone by. Let’s look at a few tips for honoring retirees who have contributed so much to your company.

Continue Your Company’s Tradition of Honoring Retirees

Many recent retirements have not been planned for a long time. It’s still important to your workplace culture to continue your traditions when it comes to honoring retirees, even though it is a difficult time.  Continuing your traditions will help build the morale of remaining employees, especially for those who are nearing their own retirement years. When planning to reward an employee upon retirement, it’s typical to note the years they have been with the company. At Suburban Custom Frames, we think it’s just as important to celebrate what the employee achieved while they were working with the company.

Recognize the Impact of the Retiring Employee

While it’s important to note the number of years the employee served the company, try focusing more on what the employee actually did while there. By focusing on their deeds, it gives more context to how much they impacted the company’s success. When you acknowledge the tangible effect of the retiree, it demonstrates to remaining employees that their contributions will also be recognized when they are ready to retire.

Reflect the Work and Accomplishments with Retirement Gifts to Honor Retirees

Many companies celebrate yearly retirees with an annual event such as an end-of-year gala, or a big holiday gathering. Honorees are presented with trophies, plaques, or awards to commemorate their time with the company. Sometimes gifts such as clocks or pen and pencil sets are given. Due to the pandemic, many areas are restricting large gatherings. But that doesn’t mean retirees need to quietly leave unnoticed. Special awards can be announced and shared via the company’s social media platforms. You can also schedule a virtual meeting to honor retirees.

Choose Mementos that Reflect Their Job Well Done

Awards presented to retirees should be reflective of the level of contributions the employee gave. They should communicate gratitude toward them for a job well done. They may also commemorate the sacrifices the individual made as an employee. Add personal notes that are specifically about their performance and career. This makes retirement awards more special and a highly cherished memento representing their time with your company.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help

If you are planning on rewarding a retiree but are not sure where to start, put our years of experience to work for you. At Suburban Custom Awards, we will be happy to help you choose the right retirement awards. We can even help you with wording that will help make the recipient feel appreciated and valued. Contact us today for more ideas and information.