Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Business Awards into Marketing Wins

Winning a business award is an honor whether it’s on a personal or corporate level. You can put it on a shelf in your office for all to see. Or you can capitalize on it, use a little strategy, and turn it into a marketing strategy. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on the business award you received and use it to promote your business. The ultimate goal, of course, is to generate more business.

Why Business Awards are Good Marketing Material

When your business receives an award, it can give you powerful marketing advantages. Being the recipient of a business award allows you to:

acrylic plaque
  • An award sets you apart from competitors
  • Positions your company at the top of the industry/field
  • Instills pride in the staff
  • Spotlights you and your staff’s achievements and capabilities
  • Reminds your clients and prospective clients of your company’s commitment to excellence
  • Generates positive media coverage

10 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Honor

Once you win a business award, there are lots of strategies you can do to make sure you get the most marketing benefits out of the honor. Here are the top 10 ways to leverage a business award in your marketing efforts.

1.Share the news with your team.  Your team should be the first to find out about any honors your business has received. These are those who have contributed to help you win the award. If possible, tell them in person. If that is not possible, do it via video conferencing, your intranet, or email. You may also want to host a staff celebration.

2.Tell your clients and prospective clientele. When you win a prominent award or national honor in your industry or field, your top clients deserve a personal “thank-you.” After all, they helped you get there. You can also send out an email to clientele or feature the news in a company newsletter or emails.

3.Let the media know. This honor is worthy of a news release through your media list. If it is an international award or one that is particularly noteworthy, consider communicating it through a news distribution service.

4.Put it on your website. A business award deserves prime real estate on your company website. You can create a page for awards, badges, and banners. Or you can place them in footers or headers.

5.Spread the news via social media. You can let the world know instantly by announcing it on social media platforms. Share the link to the news on your site or on the site of the award sponsor.

6.Add award information to sales materials. Many competitions include an awards logo to use for marketing. Some do require a licensing fee, but some offer them to winners for free. You can add award logos to your trade show booths, sales materials, promotional premiums, and advertising materials.

7. Create a video. Take advantage of the opportunity and create a video. You may be able to record the awards ceremony, your company’s celebration, or interviews with staff members who contributed. Depending on the nature and magnitude of the business award, you may want to video your CEO congratulating the team, clients, or vendors who participated. Post it on YouTube, social media sites, and your company website.

8. Obtain signage for your building. Banners are exceptional ways to announce your business award to the world. You may choose to use permanent signage or have a banner created to hang inside or out of your establishment.

9. Display awards in your business. Place your framed certificates or trophies in areas of high-traffic so they will get lots of visibility. You can create a wall of awards where they can all be housed in one location.

10. Use the company blog to announce the business award. Tell your blog’s followers all about your award. A blog is a great place to explain what you won, how you accomplished it, and why it is so meaningful to your business.

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