How to Display Personal Corporate Awards and Accolades Tastefully

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When you get recognized for hard work or achievements, it is a great feeling. It’s one you want to share with the whole world. But it can be hard to do that without coming off as tacky or braggadocios. The good thing is that there are plenty of tasteful ways to display your awards and successes without being overbearing or distasteful.

3 Benefits of Displaying Awards in an Office

Of course, you are proud of your accomplishments and you would like to share your successes with others. However, there are some practical reasons to use your awards and trophies as part of your office décor.  Turns out they are worth more than just office decorations. Here are three reasons you to display corporate awards in your office:

  1. Personal corporate awards reinforce a professional image.
  2. They establish your credibility.
  3. They are a motivation for your team, crew members, or other employees.

Tips for Displaying Personal Corporate Awards in the Office

There are plenty of ways to display awards and accolades with the world without coming off as bragging. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Place your personal corporate awards in an area that doesn’t immediately face visitors as they walk in the door.
  • Just choose the most meaningful awards to you, especially if you’ve won a lot of them. Putting up too many can appear tacky.
  • Don’t display awards received from a previous employer, especially if they are a present competitor. Wait until you receive some accolades at the new workplace.
  • One good tip is that if it was important and significant enough to make your resume, it’s worth displaying.
  • Use nice frames to class up an awards display and office. You may want to custom frame articles, accreditations, newspaper clippings, and diplomas. Putting them in a frame makes it easy to hand on the wall and keeps shelves and desks uncluttered. Another option is turning it into a laminated plaque.
  • Include items other than awards and accolades as part of your office décor. Use a globe, sports memorabilia, and pictures of your family to communicate you are approachable and personable.

Where to Share Corporate Awards

Walnut Laser Engraved PlaqueAs you can see, there are plenty of reasons and ways to share your corporate awards with office visitors. Plaques, framed diplomas and other framed items can be arranged and hung neatly on office walls. If your office has built-in shelving, trophies and other accolades can go there. You may choose to put them throughout your office area or create a single area for displaying them. This blog post has some more ideas for displaying your awards in the office.

Talk to a Professional at Suburban Custom Awards

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