10 Ways to Recognize Remote Employees During Covid-19

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To say the workplace has changed during Covid-19 is an understatement. Many businesses have pursued remote workplaces when it’s possible. There is no more gathering around the coffee pot or chatting in the break room. Those who still work in the workplace are asked to wear masks or keep at least a 6-foot distance from coworkers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also affected how employees are recognized and awarded. Before 2020, many end-of-year plans included a large corporate meeting to disperse awards to top performers. It can be difficult to move away from this tradition. But there are many ways you can choose to recognize workers even if they are working remotely. Here are 10 ideas sure to boost morale and reward those who are working so hard for the success of your company.

1. Demonstrate Care and Concern

It’s easy to show your staff that you care whether they are working remotely or not. Start with asking them how they are doing. Some families are enduring some tough times right now. Show you care by asking about their emotional well-being or how they are doing financially, physically, or emotionally.

2. Connect in Person

If it is allowed in your local jurisdiction, go for a walk. Be sure to follow local guidelines and mandates such as wearing a mask or keeping a distance. Many people are having a difficult time with social isolation and being alone. Call them on the  phone, reach out and connect with them during the pandemic.

3.Create a Remote Employee Community Online

Now is the time to set up a social recognition program online. An online platform is a great place to demonstrate gratefulness to employees. You may choose to set up an employee bulletin board online so they can express what they are grateful for as well. For many, their coworkers are their only “community.” Give them an online space to chat and share.

4. Share Positive News

Sharing positive stories about the company and industry with team members helps boost morale. Many people are dealing with a lot of sadness, sharing positive news about team members, what the organization is doing to help communities, or any other good news helps.

5. Honor People for Their Hard Work

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Employees are digging deep to find creativity, new ideas, and great ways to get their work done. Take some time to appreciate them and acknowledge their hard work. A lot of people have had their job descriptions change drastically or reduced significantly. A simple certificate of appreciation can lift their mood. Acknowledge them and their contribution to the company website or community platform.

6. Spice Up Your Meetings

If you have transitioned to zoom meetings, take a lighter approach to them. Liven them up with a cheer, recognition of individual or team accomplishments. Schedule time during meetings to praise team members through an online recognition program, a  handwritten note, or a personal call.

7. Continue Celebrations

Many are thankful to be able to work at all during these stressful times. This is why recognition is important now more than ever before. Continue marking milestones and achievements even during the pandemic. Live events are either unsafe or not allowed in many regions, so you will have to get more creative. Organize online virtual awards and recognition celebrations. Have gifts, goodies, and corporate awards delivered directly to employee’s homes. The actual ceremony or celebration can be held online while they enjoy and share their awards from their homes.

8. Actively Use Online Programs

Be engaged on any online recognition programs you set up. Purposefully visit the program daily to send positive and encouraging messages. Celebrate employee’s birthdays and honor work anniversaries. Acknowledge good attitudes and positive actions you know about.

9. Offer Online L&D

Just because your workforce is working remotely, doesn’t mean career development has to stop. Create your own industry and professional certification programs if need be. Look into learning and development opportunities for your employees. Offer to cover the costs for L&D for those who want to develop skills or build knowledge bases while working from home.

10. Determine Personal Pride Points

Ask your employees what accomplishments they are most proud of in the previous six months or year. Their answers will let you know what matters most to them. This provides you with a base to create awards and recognition programs going forward.

Benefits of Continuing Recognition

Continuing with employee recognition even during the pandemic will encourage productivity. It builds a cohesive team that will be able to stick together past Covid-19. Your workforce will be stronger and more united than before. If you need ideas for types of awards or wording on awards, contact us at Suburban Custom Awards. Let us help you with your online recognition programs.