How to Plan for Appreciation Plaques

Galaxy Acrylic and Bamboo Plaque with StandThere is a lot of value in expressing gratitude. Psychologists agree that it’s good for the one receiving gratitude and appreciation, as well as the one demonstrating it. Being appreciative can be useful in building trust in relationships in all types of organizations. Appreciation plaques are appropriate for employees and volunteers. They are applicable in many situations. It’s important that you don’t go overboard, and express gratitude tastefully whether it is a formal or informal setting.

Why Appreciation Plaques?

Thank-you notes are nice and maybe fine on an informal level. There are definitely better than nothing. But an appreciation plaque provides a permanent reminder of the gratitude you have for the recipient’s hard work and dedication.  Some of the most common appreciation plaques include honoring an employee’s retirement and providing a thoughtful gesture to one of your children’s coaches. You may also present a plaque to honor a couple who have put up with each other for 40 or 50 years of marriage. A plaque offers a tangible “thank-you” that is memorable and valuable to recipients and honorees.

What Information Should Appreciation Plaques Include?

Appreciation plaques are keepsake items. It needs to include information about why they were appreciated and by whom. Usually, the plaque contains the name of the recipient, the date the plaque is presented or dates of service, why the plaque is given, and a few words about the recipient’s contributions. The description allows for plenty of creativity to make the appreciation plaque more memorable.

What About Professional or Formal Appreciation Plaques?

Black Mirror PlaqueShowing appreciation on a formal or professional level it’s important to reflect that in the tone. Personalize the message and shape it to what types of contributions the recipient has made to the company or organization. More can be said about how they have impacted the business over their tenure.

Appreciation Outside the Workplace

When an appreciation plaque is being presented in a less formal, non-workplace environment, they can be more personal and casual. If it is appropriate, inside jokes are in order. You may choose to use phrases you know are meaningful to the recipient. It might include nicknames they earned over the year. Or perhaps you can list more personal things like always having an ear to listen.

Making the Presentation

It is important to prepare for a presentation of an appreciation plaque. Even if it’s going to happen in a small group, preparation is key.  Think about the attendees and the recipients during the planning stages. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Where will the event occur?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • What kinds of food, snacks, or beverages should be served?
  • How many people will be invited?

It’s a kind gesture to try to invite as many people as possible. You will need to determine if the recipient can invite their own guests or if you want to make it a big surprise for them. Either way, it’s important to have plenty of friends, family, co-workers, or team members attend the event. This provides a personal, caring touch that will mean a lot to them.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help!

At Suburban Custom Awards, our experience and expertise are invaluable. We will gladly offer suggestions and recommendations for your appreciation plaques. We can also help with the wording on awards if needed. Engraving is free on most awards, and it can include a company logo or even a photograph. Let us help you honor a deserving person for all their hard work and dedication.