Motivate Employees with Custom Trophies

Crystal Star on Black Base CRY7105It’s always important to for organizations and companies to recognize employees. With the current closures as the pandemic continues to surge across the US, it’s even more important to let your employees know you recognize and appreciate their excellence and fortitude. Whether you present awards in person, or resort to an online recognition ceremony, it’s essential that your employees have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of being rewarded openly for their diligence and hard work. There are many different styles of trophies and awards that can help motivate employees to continue their above-average performances and keep them pushing themselves to their limits.

Why Custom Trophies are Great for Awards

It’s always fun and rewarding to receive a trophy at work, school, or for a sports performance. Trophies have a way of communicating that hard work has paid off or that a person has achieved something extra special. Custom trophies are worth even more as they are typically engraved with the recipient’s name, position, and the feat that got them the award to begin with. In the workplace, a trophy not only symbolizes the hard work and achievements of an employee, but also the culture and success of the company.

Ideas for Customizing Employee Achievement Trophies and Awards

There are plenty of trophy styles to choose from and lots of ways to customize them. Custom trophies are often made of materials that are easily engraved on. Most of them have a special plate used specifically to engrave a customized message to or about the recipient. But plaques and other non-traditional awards and trophies can also be personalized. For elite rewards to signify exceptional accomplishments, consider a glass or crystal award.

Considerations When Customizing Trophies

Custom trophies are popular in many settings, but there are a few tips to ensure they are as outstanding as the recipient.

  • If you use custom trophies as annual rewards, each year should have its own unique design even if it has your company logo.
  • Rewards don’t always have to be trophies, you can show appreciation for hard-working employees with certificates or custom medals as well.  
  • Personalize awards and make them unique and special by being familiar with the culture of the region where your company is located.

More Ideas for Custom Trophies and Awards for Employees

If you are looking for specific awards or trophies to customize, here are a few of the most popular choices at Suburban Custom Awards.

Violet Tidal Award AC361 OrigViolet Tidal Award is an exquisite choice that stands nine inches in height and can be engraved with a personalized message for the recipient. You’ll get a free proof to ensure the engraving is correct and that you are satisfied with it. Your company logo can also be engraved onto the acrylic award. This majestic award has a beautiful violet accent and it comes in its own presentation box. It makes an outstanding employee recognition award.

Arrowhead Art Glass Award CR267Our Art Glass Awards are beautiful reminders that beauty is all around us, especially in those we work with. These gorgeous awards are exquisite and unique. This Arrowhead Art Glass Award stands a little over 7-inches tall and has an aluminum plate designed for a laser-engraved custom message for the recipient. It features plenty of room for text and a company logo. Plus, it comes with a black velour lined presentation box.

Large Gold Star AwardYou’ll find many options among our corporate awards, like this Gold Star Award perfect for your star performers. This award stands almost 11-inches tall and features a gold-tone metal star. There is plenty of room to engrave a custom message and place your company logo on the regal award. 

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You With Custom Trophies
We are here to help you choose the best custom trophies and awards for your employees. We have decades of experience and expertise. Let us help you choose an award or help you get the wording just right for a special employee.