Send Employees off in Style with These Retirement Award Ideas


Cambridge DiamondThe pandemic and current financial climate have lead to an increase in early retirement for many people. Some, of course, were ready to retire or had already been planning to do so it just fell at a time when the Coronavirus had everything shut down. Others have chosen to go ahead and take a retirement they had planned for the future. No matter the reasons, a retirement award is well deserved for those who have served your company so well and for so many years. Here are some ideas for great retirement awards for great people.

Make the Occasion Memorable

An award for such an occasion is memorable. But it is important to make the retiring employee feel great about their last day at work. No matter which physical gift or retirement award you choose, it can be made more memorable wit a sincere, heartfelt letter that thanks them personally for the years of service they provided for the company. Other team members or coworkers may also want to include well-wishes in a card or on a huge collaborative poster. The goal, of course, is to be certain the retiree will walk out knowing they were valued and recognized as they move on to the next phase of life.

Traditional but Classy Retirement Award

It’s always acceptable to choose traditional retirement awards. They have stood the test of time are retiring employees appreciate them. If your organization or company has been established for years and has a more formal culture, a traditional award may be the best choice for the retiree. Traditional retirement gifts usually include items like clocks, crystal awards, desk sets, or plaques that celebrate the years of service the employee dedicated to the company. These are often made from luxurious materials like crystal, mahogany, bronze, or rosewood. They are classy and elegant and can also be enjoyed for years to come.

Art Glass Awards for Retirees

Swirling Globe Art Glass AwardYounger organizations that have a less formal, more creative culture may opt to go with retirement gifts that are more outside the traditional box. Art glass awards are a growing trend when it comes to honoring retirees. They are beautiful to look at and there are designs that can reflect the employee’s personality and style.  Art glass awards come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They can also be personalized by engraving a message and the retiree’s name and accolades.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help

Celebrating a retirement is something the whole company should enjoy. Remember to always personalize gifts for the occasion. Suburban Custom Awards has years of experience to help you with recognition and retirement awards for employees. We can also help you choose the perfect award and get the right wording to make it personalized. Retirement is a significant event in any person’s life. Let us help you make it memorable for your company and the retiree. Talk to one of our experts today.