Six Best Practices for Virtual Awards Ceremonies

Chesapeake AwardWorking remotely is new for many people but in 2020 many workplaces have made the transition to remote work, even if just temporarily. Staff, supervisors, and corporate leadership have all had to make a big shift. It’s been quite the learning curve on a grand scale. Companies are still learning how to use video conferencing for work meetings, connecting, and celebrating together. Maintaining a corporate culture has new challenges as team members transition to working from home. Virtual awards are a great way to recognize leadership and great work.

Power of Recognition with a Remote Workforce

Recognition may look and feel a lot different in the remote workplace environment, but it’s still an essential part of the work-life. Appreciation awards, service awards, and other types of recognition create a bonding experience. This is still needed. Employee recognition helps remote workers feel “seen” and valued. It can also help promote connections between remote coworkers. Recognition provides encouragement, good news, and celebration to encourage employees that success is still recognized, and they can succeed even in the midst of a global crisis.

Best Practices for Celebrating Remote Workers

Here are six best practices for celebrating accomplishments, career anniversaries, and extra effort. There are a few tips for creating great recognition experiences using online meeting rooms like Zoom.

1.Schedule a Specific Time for Recognition of Remote Workers with Virtual Awards

Go ahead and put a specific time on the calendar for celebrating work anniversaries or other rewards. Of course, a shoutout during a normally scheduled meeting is okay if you are in a pinch. However, the goal here is to create a memorable experience. Recognition is important enough to deserve its own time slot. If you are celebrating service longevity, consider mailing service awards, trophies, or certificates to the employee’s home prior to the virtual celebration. If you are celebrating accomplishments, use the element of surprise and email the certificate or mail the award following the presentation.

2: Turn Videos On

At this point, many are suffering from Zoom burnout. But seeing everyone’s smiling faces is important during a recognition presentation. It helps contribute to the meaningful experience. Try to make it as close to the actual awards ceremony as possible by having all the call participants visible in real-time on the screen.

3: Invite Team Members and Leaders to Share

Some best practices don’t change just because we are working remotely. During the virtual awards ceremony, let peers tell stories about the recipient. They can share team victories, some of the big battles they won, and times the recipient’s work helped to carry the day. Make sure to ask them in advance, so you are not putting them on the spot. Also, make sure to include supervisors or other leaders in the remote celebration. Remote employees don’t see senior leaders as regularly as they did in person.

Book Clock sm CL3944: Include the Recipient’s Family

Since employees are working from home, it’s likely their family members are nearby. Invite spouses, kids, and other family members to join in the celebration. It’s good for them to hear all the good things team members will say about their loved one.

5: Be Creative

Use a little bit of creativity just like you would in person. You can play a song. Send fresh cookies, cake, or a pizza to the recipient. Try to stick to some of these culture-building traditions that make your company unique. You can also leverage Zoom backgrounds using photos of the recipient, congratulatory messages, or their favorite quotes. These add small but personal details.

6: Make Recognition a Priority

During these uncertain times, it can be easy to forget to celebrate great work. It’s important to continue to build the expectation of publicly recognizing great workers in meaningful and personal ways. For many awards such as service anniversaries, deliver the corporate awards to the home before holding the virtual presentation. If you are celebrating accomplishments, make it a surprise and them mail certificates or awards following the official virtual presentation.

Need Help Planning a Virtual Awards Ceremony?

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