Engraving Awards for Recipients

 Three Reasons for Engraving Awards

Blue Flame Frosted Accent Award G2948It feels good to receive an award, but even better if it is personalized. At Suburban Custom Awards, we make it easy for you to personalize trophies, plaques, and other awards. We make it easy for you to add a personalized message. Here are three good reasons for engraving awards.

1: Engraving Awards Makes Them More Meaningful

It may be easier to give a generic trophy, right? You could find a plain trophy at a simple gift shop that mass produces them. But it will mean a lot more if the trophy is engraved with the recipient’s name and title along with the reason for the award. The recipient will feel more effort went into the award and it will be meaningful to them.

2: Engraving Services Are Affordable

Many of the awards at Suburban Custom Awards include engraving a message as well as a free logo or clip art. You can’t get more affordable than that. We make sure making awards and trophies personal is affordable and easy to achieve.

3: An Engraved Trophy is Aesthetic

Engraving is done with state-of-the-art laser technology, so it is aesthetically appealing. With our team’s expertise in engraving awards, trophies, and plaques, engraved messages will look great and the recipient will appreciate the extra effort. We have the ability to engrave awards made of different materials including glass, acrylic, metal, and acrylic.

Three Award Engraving Options

Once you decide to engrave awards for recipients, you will need to choose is the type of engraving you’ll want to be used for the award. Most awards have a plate on the base which allows for personalization. In most cases, you’ll want to include the name of the award, the recipient’s name, the date the award is presented, and the logo or name of the organization making the presentation. If there is room, sometimes an award may include a relevant message, quote, or saying. You have three options for engraving awards.

1: Engraving on the Base of the Award

black and clear pillar

This type of award or trophy has a message laser-etched directly onto its base. Usually, the base is constructed of marble, or some other stone. This may limit the number of characters that can be used.

2: Engraving Directly on the Award

acrylic plaqueSome awards are designed to be engraved on directly. These are usually crystal or glass awards. These types of awards can support 2D images and 3D engraved images, or sometimes a combination of the two.

3: Engraving Plates Attached to the Base of the Award

These types of awards have a metal plate attached to the surface, usually on the base. They are typically Women's Superstar Lacrosse Trophygold or silver-plated. One of the advantages of engraving these awards is the versatility. They easily accept images, smaller text, and logos. Most of the time, metal plates are placed on wooden plaques or hardwood bases. Sometimes you’ll see them on the base of a crystal or marble award.