Tips for Rewarding Remote Employees

 Violet Tidal Award AC361 OrigWorking remotely has been gaining in popularity even before the Coronavirus struck. Over the last few years, the number of people working from home has dramatically increased. Just because your workers are remotely based, doesn’t mean you need to skip out on employee awards. When workers feel appreciated, they tend to do better work. It might take a bit of creativity, but rewarding remote employees is doable and worth the little bit of extra effort. Here are a few tips to help you develop a plan that works for you.

Rewards for Remote Workers

Presenting awards is a great way to provide employee recognition for remote workers and teams. They can be given out weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It can be useful to have coworkers nominate each other for the various awards. Here are a few ideas for you to work with.

Weekly or Monthly Award Ideas

  • Happiest remote worker
  • Most helpful
  • Most productive
  • Best team player

Other Award Ideas

  • Easiest remote worker to get on the phone
  • Most difficult remote worker to get on the phone
  • Remote worker the most likely to be online at all hours

Before giving out engraved trophies, recognition certificates, or personalized gifts, post a photo and the award being mailed to the recipient. If the award is to be given after a sales or other competition post a photo of it beforehand so employees can see what they are working towards. Another idea for rewarding remote worker is to develop a point reward system where employees earn points which can be redeemed for a variety of items such as gift cards, memberships, or subscriptions.

Online Recognition Tools for Remote Workers

Create an online platform so team members and managers can recognize and show appreciation to remote employees. Establish a way to send e-cards and other types of personalized messages to each other. Consider communication platforms like Slack or Skype, which allow for instant chat coworkers can use. Managers can also interact and leave encouraging messages or recognition for projects handled appropriately, making sales quotas, and other meaningful accomplishments. Immediate praise is effective when it comes to employee recognition.

Offline Tools to Recognize Remote Employees

 E-cards and various online recognition platforms provide immediate feedback, sending a handwritten note or thank you card can provide a personal touch. Those who work in the office may be more likely to send cards, thank you notes, and personalized praise to remote coworkers if you keep some on hand.  Don’t forget to send birthday cards or cards that mark special dates like work anniversaries. These activities work well for both in-house and remote workers.

Tangible Awards for Remote Employees

Crystal Clock IIMost companies like to provide employee recognition awards and time of service awards to employees. Trophies, plaques, and other tangible awards have long been the standard for corporate awards. With more employees working remotely, it’s still a viable way to award your hardest, most dedicated workers. You will just handle awards differently. Announcements can be made in emails or corporate communication tools such as slack, and you can take pictures of the engraved trophies to share before they are sent to the deserving recipient. You may want to dedicate a page of your website to employee recognition where trophies and awards can be displayed. Personalized awards are still the golden standard for recognizing employees; you may simply need to think outside the box.

Let Us Help

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