Tips for Displaying Trophies and Awards in the Workplace

Red Lattice PlaqueMost companies understand the many benefits of an employee recognition award program. But each business is different and creates a unique award program to match their company’s culture and goals. There are a variety of awards companies can present to their employee and volunteers. Yearly and monthly awards are often displayed on a perpetual plaque, but what should you do with recognition and incentive awards? Some awards will, of course, go home with the recipient. However, many will be displayed in the workplace.  Since trophies symbolize employees’ hard work and dedication to success, they should be displayed in the open where they can be seen.

Build a Custom Cabinet to House Trophies and Awards in the Workplace

If it’s in the budget, build a custom glass shelf to enclose your company’s prized trophies and awards in the workplace. If you already have a shelving system installed on a wall in a commons or a popular area, it might be easy enough to enclose it in glass. A professional contractor can custom cut glass that will fit the existing shelving.  Having a glass-enclosed shelf system lets everyone see the trophies hard-working employees have been presented. It also provides a shelter for trophies, so they do not get dirt and dust on them.

Use Open Wall Shelves for the Display

Egg Shaped Art Glass CR216You do not have to have a glass enclosure to display trophies and awards in the workplace. Using open shelves can be easier to set up, and it is a less expensive option. Have a professional contractor install the shelves on a wall in a prominent area. Then use the shelves to display the accolades and trophies of your workers. There are countless sizes, materials, and styles to choose from. This makes it easy to match any office décor needed.

It is worth noting the disadvantages associated with using an open wall shelving system to display workplace trophies. Since there isn’t an enclosure, there will always be dust to contend with. Another possibility is that someone will accidentally stumble into the shelf and knock one or more of the trophies to the ground. This can create a potential workplace hazard. Discuss the design with a carpenter to minimize these risks.

Custom Glass Display Case

Another solution for housing and displaying trophies and awards in the workplace is to use a professional-grade glass display case. This is the best option, but likely the most expensive one too. The professionally constructed custom glass display case will provide protection for the trophies as well as allowing people to see all the trophies and awards. A glass display case is also easier and more convenient to install that a glass enclosure for existing shelves. Custom glass display cases are designed to be free-standing. This allows you to place them anywhere, even if there’s no space on a wall. Additionally, you can opt to install built-in lights to illuminate the trophies and awards being showcased the display case.

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