Custom Awards to Recognize Teachers Who Make a Difference

Apple award AGS60As spring approaches, the end of the school year will be here soon, and we start thinking about Teacher Appreciation awards. As parents, administrators, school personnel, and teachers we understand how a child is affected by the quality of education they receive. Teachers who have a passion for teaching inspire and motivate students to perform to the best of their abilities.

There are lots of teachers who go above and beyond the classrooms and take students far beyond the basics they need. Some of them coach athletics, plan schoolwide events and oversee student groups. Exceptional teachers often engage in the educational experience for students personally and are not just concerned about high-stakes testing. They deserve recognition. Here are a few creative ideas for honoring the best teachers with custom awards.

Give Performance Medals as Custom Awards for Teachers

This type of teacher award is a small medallion, and it can be customized easily. You can engrave them with any message you like. They can be short and simple, with the teacher’s name or create your own awards based on different grade levels and subjects. These small custom awards for teachers can be great motivators for teachers and teams, plus it can generate a little healthy competition.

Trophies for “Best of…”

Performance medals can be effective, but you can’t go wrong with the classic “best” awards. You can stick to trophies and use unique wording on each of them. Stretch your creativity with these types of awards for teachers. “Best Math Teacher” or “Best Coach” is boring and overused. Think about specific things teachers are known for by their students and colleagues. Be more creative with something like “Best Dressed Teacher” or “Most Likely to Make Learning Fun.” Creating customized awards demonstrates you went the extra mile to appreciate teachers who go above and beyond.

Badges and Plaques

Rosewood Plaque Blue MarbleCustomized badges and plaques are common awards, but you can make them stand out. Educational institutions often hand out plaques to students, but they are useful for honoring the best of the best teachers too. Badges are a bit different. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Teachers can collect them, and you can create a new tradition among teachers and staff.

Choosing Custom Awards for Teachers

It can be difficult to choose custom awards for teachers. Eventually, you’ll have to get to the point where you start picking. What matters most is the recognition you give the teacher and the appreciation shown. However, how the award looks is important too. Suburban Custom Awards can help you choose the best looking custom award for teachers. Let us help you pick out a medal, trophy, or plaque to customize for your best teachers.