10 Tips for Choosing Recognition and Incentive Awards

oval with frosted starFor those who have an incentive or recognition program, choosing the right recognition or incentive awards can be difficult. Of course, you want to make sure employees know how much their work contributions are appreciated and valued. Perhaps the most important things to consider are awards that match the goals of the program and also celebrates the recipient’s achievements. Here are 10 tips to help you choose the best recognition and incentive awards for your program.

Tip 1: Clearly Communicate the Purpose of Your Program

Are your incentive awards for a sales campaign? Are you trying to get people to sign up for a health and wellness program? Maybe the award is a more prestigious option like a president’s excellence award. Make sure to match the awards with the purpose of the program.

Tip 2: Get Employees & Other Participants Involved

An employee survey can be a great way to get ideas. It’s one way to get a big picture view of their input and ideas. Employees can offer feedback on how to prioritize criteria and offer input on the perception of different options. You may also create focus groups to allow you to dig a bit deeper. Remember, every employee idea has a “why” behind it.

Tip 3: Focus on Meaningfulness

Your employees are often very clear on how meaningful an incentive award is to them. The award presentation itself can add to the meaningfulness factor. One way is by choosing who will present the award. Another is how you orchestrate the celebration experience. These well thought out factors add to the meaningfulness of an award.

Tip 4: Inspire Award Recipients

The recognition or incentive award should inspire action on the part of employees. What do you want them to do to “be better”? Explore a wide range of award item options, including tangible awards or symbolic awards. You can ask employees how excited they would be to receive certain types of awards. In other words, evaluate the appeal of the awards you are considering presenting.

Tip 5: Provide Choices When Possible

Giving employees a variety of exciting options can be a great motivation. Offer a variety of award styles from trophies and plaques to electronic gadgets, gift cards, and health and fitness items. It can be a great incentive if there are several award choices.

Tip 6: Always Choose Quality Awards

Convex Blue Acrylic AwardA cheap-looking award can be a real let down for a recipient. It can take away from the power behind the award. No one wants to get a gift card that doesn’t work or a gift that breaks down. When choosing trophies and awards, always choose quality. Make sure the vendor is reputable. Your award is a representation of you and what you value.

Tip 7: Put Awards on A Pedestal

Remember trophies, medals and awards represent your company or organization. Oscars and Olympic medals mean a lot because they have been built up over the years. No matter what types of awards you choose, make sure it is an extension of your company, your brand, and your reputation. Make them the most talked-about item in your company breakroom. They will soon become a treasured prize.

Tip 8: Think Outside the Box

Tried and true recognition and incentive awards are sure choices. But you don’t always have to use the same awards. Remember that you can customize awards with your logo. Be creative and try something new like a photo award. Or stretch out further and give a painting or tickets to an upcoming concert.

Tip 9: Opt for Experiential Awards Rather than Tangible

Send recipients on a volunteer trip in the name of your company. Millennials find these types of trips appealing. They get the opportunity to help build a school or set up a water well. This type of immersive, cultural teambuilding experience will last them a lifetime and leave a legacy with your company’s name on it.

Tip 10: Choose Your Own Adventure

Ever watched the “Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson? The two older gentlemen had a list of things they wanted to do before they died. These were experiences they would enjoy. You can have award-winning employees choose their own experiences. Maybe they would like to go skydiving, whale watching, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  Let them choose their own adventure.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You Choose Incentive Awards

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