6 Great Ideas for Volunteer Recognition Award Categories

Glass Fan AwardMany organizations are run by volunteers. There are a few that would have a difficult time continuing without helpful volunteers. Volunteer Recognition Day is usually held in April each year. It’s the perfect time to show your appreciation with volunteer recognition awards. There are different ways to acknowledge all their hard work and express your gratitude. But sometimes, coming up with just the right words for the awards is challenging. Here are six ideas to help you out.

The Biggest Heart Volunteer Award

Most volunteers are there because they have a big heart and lots of love. They lend an attentive ear to others, show up for extra shifts, and serve for entire weekends. The recipient of the Biggest Heart award is always available to help. They are kind, gracious, considerate, and compassionate. They are always ready to give to others.

Early Bird Volunteer Award

Organizations usually have at least one early bird. They are the ones standing at the door when you get there to open up. They are eager to help and to get started working. It won’t matter to them if it’s raining, snowing, or 20 below. They don’t even run late the day after time changes! They are always first in line, ready and waiting to help out the organization.

Perpetual Smile Awards

You know this guy, right? You’ve probably never seen them frown. Even when things get difficult, they are still smiling. Of course, when things are great, they have an even bigger smile. This is the type of volunteer who brings a smile to the organization every time they arrive. And they share it with everyone else to boot. They light up the room every time they show up! A customized Beveled Flame Award is a great choice to award this volunteer.

Band-Aid Volunteer  Recognition Award

From time to time, things can go wrong. Something breaks or isn’t running properly. You know that person who comes to mind immediately? They can always fix what’s broke or gone wrong. This person provides creative solutions, remedies, and quick action to intervene. They deserve the band-aid award for all they fix for the organization.

Always Available Award

There are times when volunteers don’t show up. They may be taking care of a sick child or be ill themselves. But there’s that one volunteer who is always ready to take up the slack when needed. They seem to always come through when you are in a pinch. They are always available when you call and are in need.

Eternal Service Reward

gold oval awardIf your organization is lucky enough to have a volunteer who has been with you since the start an eternal service award is in order. They continue to show up when scheduled and they are likely to continue to hang around in the future. There are lots of choices like the gold oval acrylic award that can be customized with your message of gratitude.

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