Ideas for Corporate Recognition Awards in 2020

Glass Fan AwardAs we enter a new decade many companies are celebrating accomplishments and moving toward new goals and milestones. The first quarter of 2020 is well underway and it’s time to start thinking about different ways to reward the hardest working individuals in your company or organization. Here are a few ideas to help you plan for your corporate recognition awards in 2020.

Rewarding Your Star Performer

It’s not difficult for team members, leaders, and others to recognize the most motivated and driven people in the company. They stand out from the crowd as top performers. Star performer awards for each department make exceptional corporate recognition awards. It also gives everyone a chance to be included. Each department might want to award a different style of award including everything from a wall plaque to an obelisk, glass awards, or bowls and vases. An optic crystal star makes a great reward for star performers, or a silver star crystal plaque award. Any of these are great ways to honor those who consistently go above and beyond for the company.

Top Sales Corporate Recognition Awards

Crystal Obelisk on Black BaseAfter crunching some numbers, usually, a few individuals stand out as those who contribute the most effort to gaining new prospects, closing more deals and overall increasing company sales. Do not overlook them, they deserve due recognition. By presenting excellent corporate recognition awards the sales team becomes motivated to work for them. It not only validates their hard work, but it also becomes part of their professional timeline and resumes’. With free engraving from Suburban Custom Awards, the recipient’s name can be engraved on the trophy or award as well as the quarterly numbers they accomplished. Personalizing an award like the double zenith red acrylic award can be a memorable and life-altering experience for sales personnel.

Customer Service Recognition Awards

A critical part of any business’s success is its customer service department. Transactions are dependent on representatives to build a rapport and relationship between the business and their clientele. Recognizing those who are great at this important role lets them know you realize the positive impact they have on your company’s overall outcome. Honor customer service personnel with awards like the door knocker sales plaque, or a crystal obelisk. Also, it lets them know leadership appreciates the efforts they put into their jobs every day. Engrave the awards with their name, award title, company logo, and a personalized message to make the award more prestigious.

Runner Up Awards

Black Brass Pen and Pencil SetCompanies will always have noble awards for those who stand out a head above the rest of their teams or departments. But others who contribute should also be recognized. Those who put effort into the company’s success should at least have their hard work acknowledged. For runners up, think of presenting a nice gift such as a nice pen and pencil set or a nameplate for their desks.

Suburban Custom Awards and Corporate Recognition Awards

Sometimes, it’s the recognition that becomes more meaningful than the actual award. It can help create a positive workplace culture, respect for employees, and a promising future. Making a small gesture like corporate recognition awards can make a huge difference when it comes to the company’s future success. Don’t put it off, it’s most effective when it is practiced all year. Employees should always feel encouraged to continue to succeed and produce excellence. A company isn’t successful at all without them. Let Suburban Custom Awards help you honor those who excel among you with corporate recognition awards this year!

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