Tips for Choosing Trade Association Awards

glass fan awardFor many industries, our customer base is comprised of businesses of all sizes, associations, corporations, public entities, and academic institutions. A trade association is designed to benefit the members and set standards for promoting the industry. Usually, a trade association consists of members, a Board of Directors ( or leadership committee), and a staff which are often volunteers. These are the people who make up the association, they are the customers. Even though a business doesn’t work directly with them all the time, they are key players and it’s important to keep their needs in mind. Trade association awards allow you to recognize these important sometimes behind the scenes people. Here are a few ideas for presenting trade association awards.

Trade Association Membership Recognition

Individuals or companies often recognize continued membership. To reward this type of commitment, a perpetual award or plaque is in order. When using a perpetual plaque, a nameplate is engraved with the year and the name of the recipient.

Standout Member Recognition

Egg Shaped Art GlassYou may also choose to recognize individuals for their contribution to the industry. This may be organized as a competition, or it might be conducted by peer nominations. Peers can judge each other and determine who made the most outstanding contributions throughout the year. Many awards are appropriate for this trade association award including a crystal award. Members can be recognized with the award at an annual conference or meeting.

Certifications or Member Compliance Awards

Trade associations commonly institute high standards. Membership recognition may award those who achieve and maintain the standards in place. A wooden plaque is a nice award to be given to those who achieve certifications and hold to the standards of the organization.

Recognizing Staff and Board of Directors

Rosewood-Mantle-ClockCommittee members and board members are often recognized for their service with a trade association award. When they exit, it is appropriate to present a service award in appreciation. Staff members also may receive years of service awards upon retirement. This type of recognition warrants a clock or a plaque, or perhaps a crystal award.

Sponsor Recognition

Trade association awards often include recognition for events or programs through which members or companies provide sponsorship. Sponsors are also recognized by being presented with a formal award such as a plaque or trophy.

Hall of Fame Awards

Creating a hall or wall of fame is an ideal way to recognize members, staff, and directors. Create an area or a wall for trade association awards. You may want to display the association’s history, key milestones, and key contributors.

Contact us at Suburban Custom Awards for more ideas for trade association awards. We’d be glad to help you choose appropriate recognition awards. We have a post to help with the wording on awards, or you can ask us for ideas. We’ll be glad to help!