Top Custom Employee Recognition Awards Ideas

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There are many benefits to presenting hard-working individuals with custom employee recognition awards. Employees are appreciative and tend to work harder when they feel like their work is noticed as well as valued. This can be beneficial for company-wide motivation and morale. But sometimes, it’s difficult to determine what types of awards are appropriate for the workplace.

Don’t make recognition awards too scarce. Scarcity can breed contempt. Just a solo “Employee of the Year” award once a year is nice for the one individual, but it does nothing for the rest of the team. When custom employee recognition awards are done well, they can provide the additional benefit of encouraging a culture of inclusion and support. Additionally, employees who feel like their superiors are appreciative are more likely to feel fulfilled. These are good attitudes to foster. Here are the top custom employee recognition awards to help you build positive attitudes and a great culture in the workplace.

Custom Employee Awards Ideas You Can Use in the Workplace

Award for Outstanding Leadership

It’s important for leaders to notice an employee go above and beyond to help others learn and succeed in the workplace. When you take time to recognize this attitude it encourages these actions in your company culture. It’s important that you, as a leader pay attention to this type of positive behavior and support. An added benefit is when you start looking at internal sources for promotions.

Award for the Overachievers on Your Teams

Almost every team has an overachiever. They take every project seriously and go above and beyond by putting in the extra effort. When you reward this type of work, it becomes contagious. When a team witnesses one team member going above and beyond, it encourages them to put more effort into their work too. Without proper recognition and awards, this can just fade away.

Award Exemplary Character

Do you have someone at the workplace who is known for always acting with integrity, kindness or generosity? Custom employee recognition awards are a great way to honor these qualities and encourage them in others. It also helps to build a culture of respect.

Award for Excellence in Teamwork

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Have you ever noticed that one person who goes out of their way to help other members on their team? They usually do this even if it’s not “technically” one of their responsibilities. You want to reward the employee who stays late or puts in extra hours helping others on projects. A custom employee recognition award lets them know you see their extra effort and you appreciate it.

Award for Innovative Thinking

The whole team, division, and workplace benefits from those who exhibit innovative thinking. They proactively develop creative solutions to issues or problems that arise in the workplace. When there is innovative thinking, workflow usually increases. Encourage others to think outside the box by recognizing innovative thinking with a custom award.

Award Superb Customer Service

When you hear a rave review of how an employee expertly and courteously handles customer service, it deserves to be rewarded. Also, this might be a great monthly award or at least quarterly to encourage good customer service. Every business owner understands the importance of great customer service. Success won’t come without it. Reward it with a custom employee recognition award every chance you get!

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