Presenting Vendor and Dealer Awards and Plaques

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Obviously, there is a big difference between a dealer and a vendor.  You understand better than anyone how your channel partners and supply chain are essential to your business being successful. You can build more solid relationships with your partners by recognizing them with awards. Vendor and dealer awards are a positive way to recognize their efforts.

How to Determine Vendor and Dealer Awards

Vendor and dealer awards are designed to recognize those along your supply chain line who have demonstrated superior levels of sales and service training, customer satisfaction, customer follow-up, and business management. If you would like to present multiple levels of awards like gold, silver, and bronze, pre-determine the criteria. Let the dealers and vendors know so they will be able to focus on creating positive customer experiences and remain committed to excellence.

Your criteria can be along many lines and of course, will recognize suppliers who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to building a strong relationship with your company. They can demonstrate these attributes through a variety of actions including cost reduction, quality improvement, product innovation, or other similar elements. 

Choosing the Wording for Dealer and Vendor Awards

Just like any other awards, you’ll want to start with the 5 W’s. Who, what, where, when, and why. Make sure to indicate the name and title of the person you are recognizing. Include the name of the award, the name of the organization sponsoring the award, the timeframe for the award, and the reason the award is being presented to the dealer or vendor. In many instances, it is appropriate to include your company logo on the award if you are the sponsor and presenter.

General Ideas for Wording on Plaques and Awards

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There are numerous options when it comes to the wording on awards and plaques. Some of the wording you’ll use will depend on the type of award and the reason the vendor or dealer was chosen to be the recipient. Maybe they achieved the highest performance in vendor ratings or attained gold level dealer status per your criteria. It may just be that you are presenting the award because of their partnership with you and commitment to your success.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help You

If you are looking for the perfect plaque or award for your business supply chain or partners, contact us. We can help you choose an appropriate award. If you need help with wording, we can assist with that too. Let us help you honor those who have contributed to your success.