Is displaying awards at work a good idea?

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It’s always nice to receive an award they can give us a sense of pride. A trophy or plaque is a tangible symbol of our hard work and efforts. Of course, we want to hang them up for everyone else to admire. But when it comes to the workplace, it’s good to be a bit more selective about the types of awards you put on display. Here are a few guidelines to help you make good choices for displaying awards in the workplace.

Educational Achievements

If you have a diploma it’s a great choice for displaying in your workplace or office area. A degree, especially if it was earned from a prestigious university is an excellent symbol of credibility. In particular, professions that need customers to trust them more, like medical professionals and lawyers, should exhibit their educational accomplishments. It demonstrates that the service provider is well-qualified and well-suited for their vocation.

Significant Awards to Display

It’s customary to hang up any awards relevant to your field of work. A photojournalist might display any awards they received for photos taken. That would be relevant, but the ribbon they won for eating the most hot dogs at a contest is irrelevant. Any achievements you’ve earned that are related to the current job can add value and credibility to your work and opinions. Co-workers and clients will tend to respect the most decorated members in their respective fields.  Displaying these awards in the workplace shows you’ve gone above and beyond what was expected.

People’s Choice Awards

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When you win a work award that was voted on by popular vote, it’s a great sign you are doing good work. Maybe you own a business that was the recipient of an award voted on due to popularity. These are examples of good awards to display at work. Displaying awards at work that are peer-choice, or popularity based validates your hard work, helps get your business or name recognized, and establishes a positive reputation. Show them off with pride!

Irrelevant Awards

Displaying awards at work that have no relevance to your job will add no value. The same thing with frivolous and outdated awards. There is no value in displaying your award from when you and your friends won a three-legged race. Outdated awards are not beneficial either such as your high school football or soccer trophies. These belong on a trophy shelf at home but will only add clutter to the workplace.

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At Suburban Custom Awards, we understand elegant certificates, stunning trophies, and stately plaques are all designed to be put on display. You may have a home office that contains every award you ever earned! However, when deciding which awards to display at work it is best to use discretion. Remember that you can use awards to add to your value and credibility. Choose wisely!