5 Ideas for Year-End Corporate Awards

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As the year draws to a close it will soon be time to present your year-end corporate awards. January will be a busy month, as usual, so you want to end the year on a good note by recognizing this year’s accomplishments. There are lots of creative ways to recognize and award employees. Here are four ideas for year-end corporate awards you can present to employees or supervisors within the organization.

Year-End Service Awards

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You know the employees who have remained committed to the company for a long time. Consider presenting a special Service Award to those who have offered continued service for 1, 5, 10 or 20 years. You can also choose tailored times according to your company’s specific setup. Some great service award ideas include personalized clocks or a plaque. You can also include a gift certificate or gift card for a personal touch. Typically, the longer an individual has been with the organization, the more significant their award should be.

Celebrate Sales Awards

There are a lot of ways to break up sales awards. Depending on your own company’s culture, you can celebrate monthly, quarterly, or annual sales goals and award accordingly. You may want to give individual awards for each person or award whole sales teams. Recognize top stores with a special award or a top distributor or regional leader. Sales achievement awards include plaques, glass awards, trophies or acrylic awards.

Employee of the Month Awards

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You can also design this type of end of year corporate award so it coordinates with your company’s culture and design. Recognize employees with quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly awards. Make sure to choose the specific criteria for the winner of this type of recurring award prior to the program’s launch. Publicly announce the winners. You’ll want to do this for a couple of reasons. The winner needs to feel important and it will motivate others to want to win it in the future. You may want to award the individual with a plaque or trophy as well as using a perpetual plaque placed in a central location.

Other End of Year Award Types

As your company grows you’ll find many other opportunities to award successful employees or those who go above and beyond. You may want to include leadership awards, community awards, retirement gifts, teamwork recognition awards, or other corporate honors. Tailor your presentations and recognition to the specific needs of your company.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help with Year-End Corporate Awards

Once you implement your corporate awards program, you’ll want to continue it each year. This improves company culture and can boost morale across the board. Also, remember that each award can include a custom message engraved for no additional fees. Please contact us at Suburban Custom Awards and let us help you with your end of year corporate awards.