Tips for Choosing a Custom Award Plaque

Mahogany Finish Plaque

There are lots of reasons to honor a recipient with a custom award plaque. You may award them to top employees, group members, or club supports. They are often a great source of encouragement and motivation to other team members and help produce a positive culture. Plaques are a nice choice for recognizing a wide variety of achievements as they are easily displayed. Plaques can be hung on the wall of an office, home, or a cubicle. Here are a few tips for choosing the right custom award plaque for your presentation.

Choosing the Custom Award Plaque Material

Perhaps the most common types of plaques are various types of wood. You also have the option of an acrylic, marble, or metal plaque of your choice. A cast aluminum plaque may be a great choice for a wall memorial, or you may opt for an acrylic award for a nice touch. There are also rosewood, walnut, and cherry woods to choose from. Maybe your presentation needs a bronze award. Choose the material you want based on the types of an award ceremony, your budget, and the nature of the event.

Choose the Shape for Your Plaque

Many plaques are rectangular in shape, but it’s not the only shape available. If the award is going to someone in law enforcement, for instance, a shield shape might be nice. Another nice choice is a scroll shape which is a great choice for awards related to academia, education, legal, writing, or other types of professional accomplishments. And if you really want to choose the traditional rectangle shape, you can choose between the regular portrait layout, or opt for a landscape layout for the custom award plaque.

Add A Photo

picture plaques

If you’d like to make an award more meaningful, choose a photo plaque. This type of plaque is a good choice if you are giving awards for a team or group effort. It adds a more personal touch to add a photo. It can be a photo of a team who won a championship or excelled in sales. Or choose a single person photo for awards like an employee of the month, top salesperson, or teacher of the year.

Make it 3-D

Maybe you want an award that really stands out. Choose from a number of gavel plaques which are great choices for newly elected officers, completing law school, or a new position in the legal field. There is also a door knocker award for top sales personnel. A key to the city, groundbreaking award bearing a mini shovel, or a plaque which displays a medal.

Engraving a Custom Award Plaque

gavel plaque

Custom award plaques have plenty of space to engrave a special message about the award and the recipient. This customizes it and makes it more memorable for the recipient. They will be able to recall the momentous occasion for years to come. Wording on plaques should be relevant to the purpose of the award, complimentary, and brief but sincere.

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