Ideas and Wording for Customer Service Awards

Jewel Glass Award GN23

Sometimes, we don’t stop to think about what the workplace would be like without a great customer services team. Think about all the things they handle day in and day out. This team ensures customer requirements get handled efficiently and quickly. They answer questions, find information, and provide customers with assistance. Sometimes they resolve problems and handle issues so customers are satisfied. It can be a demanding and difficult job! Taking time to honor them with a customer service award shows them how much they are appreciated by you and the rest of the team.

Customer Service Team Awards

When you start thinking about the types of customer service awards you want to present, first look at the department itself. You may start with some of the general metrics such as the number of calls they take, issue resolution records, or customer feedback. Depending on the department specs they may have upsell opportunities, new account additions, or repeat orders. Other things to award include attendance, suggestions for department or company improvements, quality of work, or the number of orders they were able to process. Some common customer service awards include:

  • Rookie of the Year or Customer Service Newcomer of the Year
  • MVP Award
  • Customer Service Team of the Year
  • Team Player Award
  • Customer Service Achievement Award

These are just a few suggestions, the dynamics of your specific company and team can help generate a lot more ideas. Awards, trophies, plaques, and gifts all make great choices for the presentation. When choosing an award, you may choose a particular shape to match such as a gem or star. You’ll also be able to choose various sizes and materials including gold, silver, wood or platinum. You can also contact us at Suburban Custom Awards for more ideas!

Presenting Customer Service Awards

When it comes to the presentation of awards, it may take even more effort than choosing the appropriate trophy. Think about whether you want to reward an entire team or a solitary customer service representative. By publicly recognizing recipients and presenting awards it helps build a positive company culture, gives employees value, and gives peers something to work toward.

Selecting the Right Wording

To get started, think about the 5 W’s from your high school English class.

  • Who is being recognized?
  • What is the reason or the name of the award?
  • Where or what’s the name of the organization presenting or sponsoring the award?
  • When is the timeframe of the award?
  • Why are you giving the awards?

In general, you want to include the recipient name, date of the award, company name, and what the customer service rep did to deserve the award. At Suburban, logos are engraved for no additional fees.

Why Customize the Award?

Anyone can hand out empty awards and trophies, but they will be meaningless. When you customize an award, you make it special for the recipient and memorable for attendees. The award will be as memorable as you make it. Include their name, the reason for the award and the company name so they will remember the beautiful moment for years to come.