How to Choose Custom Trophies for Your Event

Jewel Glass Award GN23

What is your next event? Is it a retirement party, end-of-season sports celebration, or a corporate event of some type? No matter which category it falls under, you want to present custom trophies or awards engraved with special messages. Customized messages engraved on an award ensure the recipient will cherish them always. Here are just a few ideas for presenting custom trophies at your next event.

Make it Personal

The most important element to remember with custom trophies is they can be as personal and detailed as you would like. Is your teacher turning 50 this year? Add a personal touch. It’s easy to add a quote, heartfelt note, or even a picture to a plaque or trophy. You want it to be personal so it will be memorable. Retirement celebrations are fun and exciting, but presenting just the right personal trophy, plaque or award can have a huge impact on their peers too.

Custom Trophies Make Great Gifts

Ordinary gifts can become something memorable. Custom trophies and awards provide a way to emphasize the importance of a person no matter how big or small of a role they played. It’s a special gift that will not lose its value as time passes. Other gifts can get outgrown, or go out of style, but a personalized trophy will have a lasting impression. It’s also worth noting that awards and trophies can be great motivational tools too. Coaches are often successful by presenting trophies to the entire team after a difficult season or game.

Types of Awards to Choose

Don’t be overcome by the sheer volume of choices you have when you start looking at possible trophies and awards. There are so many to choose from, how do you know which is the right fit for your event? Just think about the person being honored and the reason for the event. This helps narrow your search. Then customize the award based solely on the individual. Here are a few examples of the types of custom trophies to choose for various events.

  • Acrylic Awards: Add simple, timeless messages on a clear plaque.
  • Wooden Plaques: A wood plaque can be engraved and it is a great choice for a wall display.
  • Trophies, Bowls, Award Cups: These are great options for a shelf display.
  • Name Tags, Desk Wedges, Signs, Banners: These choices are simple ways to customize the theme of your event.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help!

At Suburban Custom Awards, we know how important it is to choose the right plaque, trophy or award for your event. Contact us today for a wide selection of options. Engraving is free on most awards and we can help you show your appreciation for a deserving recipient in a unique, expressive way.