Top 10 Reasons You Should Offer a Business Award Program

.recoDeco Star Cup TrophyCompanies of all sizes can benefit from creating and maintaining a business award program for its employees. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Sometimes the actual award isn’t the most valuable part of the program. In general, people love to be rewarded for their work. Recognition creates a buzz, especially in the workplace. Most people even enjoy seeing others get awards and recognition, especially for those most deserving. Still not sure if you need a business award program. Here are the top 10 reasons to give awards.

Top 10 Reasons Why a Business Award Program Is a Good Practice

  1. Increase Productivity. When employees are rewarded with visible goals like a plaque or trophy, it provides an incentive for them to continue to be diligent. Recognition is a great way to reward hard work as it encourages more hard work.
  2. Increases Internal Competition. People like to be respected but want to feel like it was earned because they worked for it. This is why sports go over so well, everyone wants to win something, so they keep working toward it.
  3. Creates a Positive Work Culture. When managers, peers, and higher-ups recognize employees with business awards, it creates a happier workplace. Giving an employee an award instills in them a sense of pride in themselves as well as in the business. This helps build a positive environment in the workplace.
  4. Encourage Engagement. Along with making employees happy, an effective business award program helps them become more engaged in their work. With incentives in place, everyone will work harder to get the reward.
  5. Offers a Reason to Be in the Local Paper. A piece in the paper about an employee reward program can mean more business for you. It’s also free advertising and puts your business in a positive light with the locals.
  6. Workplace Unity. When an employee’s abilities and efforts are recognized on a regular basis, it creates a bond between employees and managers. It creates an environment where multi-level communication is acceptable and encouraged as managers and employees are comfortable speaking with one another.
  7. Increase Company Retention Rates. Employee recognition awards can have a positive effect on employee retention and encourage company loyalty. When you show appreciation for dedication and hard work, your company’s retention rates may improve.
  8. Enforce Company Values. Your business award program is the perfect opportunity to choose awards that reflect your company values. Employees get recognition for more than making a sale. Instead, recognize them for the “perseverance and ambition” it took to make it. Use words related to these values to name and engrave awards, so employees become more familiar with them.
  9. Encourage Teamwork. Use peer recognition awards to build camaraderie among workers. It can be useful for increasing a sense of teamwork in the workplace.
  10. Easier to recruit new staff. When you take care of your staff and it becomes known in the community, hiring will be much easier. When you are the best, then the best will want to work for you.

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