Award Ideas for Corporate Recognition

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Every successful company has a designated time for recognizing accomplishments, milestones, and goals. Presenting corporate awards offers benefits for the company.  Corporate recognition is effective and well worth it to acknowledge those hardworking individuals who go above and beyond in order to transform the vision of the company into a reality. Here are a few corporate recognition ideas.

Top Sales Corporate Award

Those individuals who have contributed great effort in closing deals, increasing overall sales, and gaining new prospects are worthy of your Top Sales award. This kind of dedication and hard work deserves recognition at the corporate level. Having this as a planned annual award can provide great incentive for other members of your sales force and motivate employees.

Star Performer Award

Triple Star Acrylic Award

Not every exceptional employee is on the sales team. Your company likely has a few individuals who are driven and motivated above others. This type of award is a good choice because it is not limited to just one department but can include all of them and anyone could be the recipient. There are a lot of different types and styles appropriate for star performer awards such as wall plaques, obelisks or Super Star awards. You can also go with various sizes to expand the award to first, second, and third place recipients. Awards can be engraved with the company logo, the recipient’s name, award title, and a personal message to make it more memorable.

Customer Service Recognition Awards

Corporate recognition should acknowledge the importance of customer service. It is one of the most crucial departments to a company’s success. Employees in the customer service department build personal and unique relationships between clients and the business. These relationships can determine the company’s reputation and ultimately its future. Customer service representatives should be honored with a prestigious award for their daily commitment and attention to customers. Engrave the award with your company logo, the recipient’s name, the title, and a congratulatory message.

What about runner’s up?

Every employee won’t win the noblest awards, but some still deserves some recognition. There are always those who don’t win the largest, most notable awards. Recognize them with runner up awards. This is a great way to acknowledge them for their hard work. Your runners up can be rewarded with personalized gifts like a brass letter opener, rosewood pen, and case, or a leather gift set.

Let Suburban Custom Awards Help!

At Suburban we want to make sure you get the right corporate recognition awards for your recipients. Remember engraving is free and we will even help you get the wording right on them. Contact us for help with awards for your business.