Choosing the Right Ribbon and Medal Award Colors for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place

Ten Star First Prize Medal

During the summer there is often more awareness about sports. But there are also a lot of winter sports held indoors. Whether you are coaching a team, hosting a tournament, organizing a 5K or any other sporting event, you want to get the ribbon and medal awards colors right. These three awards are designed to recognize the top three participants in the event or in their category. Knowing you’ve got the colors right is important if you’re wanting to make a good impression.

What color goes with each placing?

First, second, and third  places are the most coveted awards. It’s customary for the ribbon and medal awards to have the following color combinations to recognize each placement. These are the globally accepted coordination.

  • 1st place has a blue ribbon with a gold medal.
  • 2nd place has a red ribbon with a silver medal.
  • 3rd place has a white ribbon with a bronze medal.

No matter what the event, sport, or organization, including the official Olympics, these color combinations are standard.

Personalize the Ribbon and Medal Awards

Ten Star Second Prize Medal

Medals often say 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. You can emblazon the placements on the corresponding medal if you want. You can also engrave the name of the event and the placement on each medal. To make them even more memorable, you can have the awards engraved with a special motto or saying.

Does size really matter?

Ten Star Third Prize Medal

Most of the time, first place, or blue ribbons are a bit larger than second or third place ribbons or medal awards. The standard color combinations are designed so that they embellish each other. Gold medals set off the brilliance of the blue ribbon and red does the same thing for the silver award and the white ribbon for the bronze.  If you are the one making the selection of ribbon and medal awards for these three placings, make sure to get the right color combinations and appropriate sizing. These help show the efforts and skill levels of those participating for the prize.

At Suburban Custom Awards, we can help you get the right color combinations. Our professional staff can also help you choose the wording for any medals you’d like to engrave. Contact us today and let us help you!