The Great Debate: Trophies or Awards

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When you are the recipient for any token for an achievement or accomplishment it is memorable. Most of the time, these are memorable events that are the result of your own sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. Whether you are presented trophies or awards for your accomplishment, they mean something to you. While both are worthwhile, there are some similarities and differences. For instance, awards are usually indicative of something you’ve worked hard towards for a long time. They take hours, weeks, months, and sometimes years of dedicated hard work. Trophies are typically given at the end of a competition indicating something like a tournament best.

When to Present Awards

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An award commonly reflects more than just a one time win. They are larger in scale and are a direct reflection of someone’s achievements.

  • Awards are a larger depiction of a person’s hard work. They are usually used to reflect their performance over a long period of time.
  • Common awards include certificates, money, and titles. For example, the “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” is a very well-known award.

When to Present Trophies

Trophies are typically larger than awards. They usually take the form of a statue or a symbolic figure. Often, a trophy includes custom engraving noting the specific accomplishment of the recipient.

  • A trophy is often presented at the end of a competition and usually represent a high-stakes win. The figure on trophies typically represents the contestants rating and others with similar attributes.
  • A trophy may exemplify a person’s behavior. The term itself is often used as a compliment such as having a “trophy wife” or husband.

Trophies or Awards

With the two being vastly different in intentions and purposes, how do you know if you should present a trophy or an award? Generally speaking, a trophy is given for winning short-term competitions such as sports events and academic meets. Awards are typically given for long-term accomplishments such as an employee of the year or having read a certain number of books.

Please note that there are no set rules for giving trophies or awards. Of course, recipients accept either one as an honor. They may be honored for an accomplishment or celebrating a big win. Either is a token of achievement that is well worth celebrating.

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