Most Popular Summer Sports Trophies

Lil Buddy Soccer Trophy

Summer is probably the most popular season for playing all sorts of sports both indoors and out. Maybe everyone tends to be a bit more active once the weather warms up, the days are longer, and school is out. Some of the most popular sports around include football, baseball, tennis, basketball, swimming, and soccer. You may see any one of these being played around your town as summer activities pick up. Right in your neighborhood at the gym or outside, there are probably teams competing for one of the popular summer sports trophies. Individuals may be on the tennis courts getting ready for a tournament. Kids are at soccer or baseball practice. Why all the hard work? Everyone is looking at the weekend, the next tournament, or the end of the summer. They want to earn one of the many summer sports trophies to be presented.

With all the sporting events there are a variety of unique awards and trophies to compete for. Seriously, sporting events wouldn’t be complete without ending up with one of the popular summer sports trophies. Teams and individuals alike like to be rewarded for exceptional performances.

Trophies for the Most Popular Summer Sports

  • Baseball is America’s sport they say. It is probably one of the most popular little league sports in the spring and summer months. Baseball trophies are great ways to show appreciation to both the coaches and the players. The crossed bat trophy, 4” baseball glove trophy, and the live action baseball trophy are some of the most popular summer baseball trophies.
  • Swimming is popular outdoors when the summer starts to heat up. Swimming tournaments are usually held at indoor facilities. Either way, award hard working swimmers with individual awards, or team trophies. Men’s and Women’s Superstar swimming trophies are exceptional choices for this summer sports trophies, and medals are great awards for those who place in individual events.
  • Golfing is always an outdoor event and peaks during the summer months. Reward the tournament champion with a 7 ½-inch Golf Tower Resin or a Majestic Bronze Golfer trophy. Golf trophies often contain golf balls and clubs and many display a figurine of a golfer. Whichever you choose, there’s always classy summer sports trophies for this summer sport.
  • Soccer has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and has quickly become a favorite team and league competition. Award the winners of tournaments or little league matchups with soccer trophies and awards. Select a Li’l Buddy soccer trophy for Little League play and save the 3-D Soccer Sport Crystal Award for the biggest end-of-season game you have ever seen!
2-3/4" M3XL Swimming Medal

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Do you or your little one play sports? Do you coach a team? No matter what sport you or your little ones are involved in, summer sports trophies are a great way to reward the teams and individuals who work diligently all season long. At Suburban Custom Awards, you can make it personal with custom engraving for free. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your team.