Choosing Golf Trophies and Hosting a Tournament

As the weather warms more people are getting outdoors to enjoy sports and activities. This can be a good time of year to host a fundraiser. If you are a golf fan, you might consider hosting your own golf tournament. It could be just so participants have a lot of fun, or it can be made into a charitable event. The funds raised can be donated to your favorite charity or used to help a family or individual in need. If you chose to host an event, you’re going to want to provide golf trophies for participants.

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Consider the number of golf tournaments held all over the globe. They offer great prizes, beautiful trophies, and even cash awards. You have lots of options available when it comes to choosing the right golf trophies for your tournament. The selection isn’t limited to those who come in first, you can present small trophies and medals to others who do well. The type of trophies you select will depend a lot on the type of tournament you host.

Kid’s Tournament and Choosing Golf Trophies

If you choose to host a tournament for kids, you may want to consider presenting awards to all participants. This is important if the kids are younger. Small participation medals are appropriate for children. Usually, small and simple awards are best for a children’s event. You can also present 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for the winners. Small golf trophies with a golfer on them are appropriate.

Golf Trophies for an Amateur Tournament

An amateur tournament is designed for adults and some children who already have some experience playing the sport but are not professional golfers. Hosting an amateur tournament means presenting nicer awards, but not presenting participation awards. You might want to present three golf trophies for the top golfers or have a single trophy for the overall winner. Either way, a large cup award is appropriate since they look nice and can be an elegant award. Prices vary on cup awards based on what they are made of and the size. You can also choose golf trophies with a golfer on the top..

Hosting a Professional Tournament

If you’d like professional golfers to compete, you can consider hosting a professional tournament. The winner will definitely need to be presented with a large presentation cup. The most famous golfing tournaments present cups and jugs as trophies. If you have the right connections or have a local professional golfer, this can be a great choice for raising funds for a cause or charity.

Golf Trophies at Suburban Custom Awards

If you are ready to host a golf tournament, contact Suburban Custom Awards. We can help you choose the best golf trophies and awards for your event. We can even help you with the wording on the trophies. Let us help you host a successful tournament.